Zenefits’ Parker Conrad returns with Rippling to kill HR & IT busywork

Parker Conrad likes to save time, even though it’s gotten him in trouble. The former CEO of Zenefits was pushed out of the $4.5 billion human resources startup because he built a hack that let h

Jane.ai raises $8.4M to bring a digital assistant into your office software

Even as AI assistants delve deeper into consumer hardware, companies still seem a bit reticent to bring them deep into their office software workflows. Jane.ai is aiming to bring natural language proc

Justworks raises $40M to build a simpler business operations suite

Isaac Oates runs a startup that’s looking to be a complete suite of operational tools like human resources and payroll for businesses — but he and his team initially didn’t get why users

SEC fines Zenefits and former CEO Parker Conrad nearly $1 million for misleading investors

The SEC is showing its muscle in Silicon Valley with a crackdown on bad behavior, starting with unicorn startup Zenefits and its former CEO Parker Conrad. First noted on BuzzFeed, the human resources

Zenefits rolls out a performance management tool

When we last saw Zenefits, the company essentially handed off one of its initial core selling points — insurance brokerage — to partners. Since that rebrand rolled out, Zenefits seems to be follow

Zenefits tries a rebrand and hands off insurance brokerage

Zenefits co-founder Parker Conrad was shown the door in February last year, paving the way for then-COO David Sacks to take over the company and try to turn it around. After about a year of working on

Zenefits brings on its first chief HR officer

Zenefits, the human resources software company, is continuing to overhaul its leadership team with the addition of Beth Steinberg as its first chief human resources officer. Steinberg has previously h

Lumity raises $19M to simplify employee health care choices

As companies get bigger and bigger, their needs are going to change — including, probably most importantly, their options for health care as their employee base expands and the costs of those plans

Tech’s term sheets of harassment

It’s important that we acknowledge that the type of behavior we are reading, talking and tweeting about has been enabled.

Don’t cry for me, Ubertina

Uber has been in trouble for a while. The company was built on a bro-tastic, anything goes attitude that goes way back to God View and the targeted harassment of journalists. In short, it was built on

Zenefits will pay $3.4 million in unpaid overtime to 743 employees

Insurance software startup Zenefits has agreed to pay $3.4 million in unpaid overtime to 743 of its account executives and sales representatives in California and Arizona, according to the Department

Zenefits introduces level-funded insurance plans and more mobile updates

Zenefits, in a further attempt to continue to find its way into small businesses as a human resources management service that can outmaneuver larger and more complex platforms, is releasing a suite of

Crunch Report | Waze and Spotify Partner Up

Roblox gets $92 million in new funding, Parker Conrad's new company, Rippling and Waze and Spotify partner up to play music and navigate seamlessly. All this on Crunch Report.

Zenefits founder Parker Conrad takes another crack at HR onboarding

Parker Conrad's last venture at Zenefits didn't end so well, what with his departure as CEO and the company having to re-orient itself. But he's once again starting a company that will figure out how

Crunch Report: Twitter’s Ad Revenue Stalls

Today’s Stories  Twitter’s advertising business is stalling Zenefits is laying off 45% of its workforce Airbnb is buying Luxury Retreats for around $200M Facebook can now replace your wea

Zenefits is laying off 45% of its workforce

Zenefits, which just earlier this week announced Jay Fulcher as its new CEO, is laying off 45% of its workforce, BuzzFeed reported earlier today. That means Zenefits will let go about 430 people &#821

Crunch Report | 100 Companies File Opposition to Trump’s Immigration Order

100 companies file opposition to Trump's immigration order, Zenefits gets a new CEO, Snap partners with BBC to get Planet Earth II on its platform and DARPA's SideArm simplifies military drone landing

Zenefits names Jay Fulcher as new CEO

Zenefits officially has a new boss in town. Jay Fulcher, the former CEO of Ooyala and Agile Software, is taking over for David Sacks, the Wall Street Journal first reported. Fulcher is the third perso

Zenefits launches new tools for employee compliance and looks to simplify pricing

Zenefits today said it would be introducing new pricing tiers in an effort to simplify them, as well as add new tools for HR managers to ensure that employees are getting their documents in and they a

Zenefits ordered to stop offering free insurance software in Washington state

Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has ordered insurance startup Zenefits to stop providing free use of its software in the state. The Commissioner issued a release detailing the or
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