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YouTube Music Recap is no Spotify Wrapped, but it’s still pretty fun

While Apple Music Replay fails to live up to Spotify Wrapped, YouTube Music’s 2023 Recap offers a personalized and interactive experience. YouTube Music introduced three new features this year &#821

YouTube Music now lets you create custom AI-generated playlist art

YouTube is introducing a new feature that lets users create customized playlist art using generative AI, the Google-owned company announced on Tuesday. The new experimental feature is rolling out star

Google Podcasts to shut down in 2024 with listeners migrated to YouTube Music

Google announced this morning it will be shutting down its Google Podcasts app later in 2024 as part of its broader transition to move its streaming listeners over to YouTube Music. The company earlie

YouTube Music gets more social, adds comments to the ‘Now Playing’ screen

YouTube Music redesigned its “Now Playing” screen recently, with the most notable update being a new comments section, which allows users to read and write comments directly from the app. The late

YouTube is working on a plan to compensate artists and rightsholders for AI music

YouTube announced today how it plans to approach the impact AI technology is having on the music industry with regard to its video hosting platform and its existing partnerships across the music indus

YouTube Music is adding a TikTok-style ‘Samples’ short-form video feed

YouTube Music is launching a new TikTok-style short-form personalized video feed called “Samples,” the company announced on Monday. Each clip in the feed offers a glimpse into the artist,

YouTube Premium individual plan now costs $2 more for all subscribers in the US

Just like many other streaming services, YouTube has increased the prices of its Premium plan for individuals in the U.S., from $11.99 per month to $13.99 per month. The price hike follows last year&#

YouTube Music officially rolls out podcasts for listeners in the US

YouTube Music is officially adding podcasts to its platform in the United States on Android, iOS and the web. The rollout comes a few months after YouTube podcasting head Kai Chuk revealed that podca

YouTube Music contractors win historic union vote

YouTube Music contractors have officially unionized with the Alphabet Workers Union-CWA after winning a historic vote through the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Forty-one workers voted yes out

Podcasts are coming to YouTube Music

Though YouTube is a hotbed for video podcasts, the Google-owned platform hasn’t cracked straight-up audio shows just yet. YouTube podcasting head Kai Chuk announced Thursday that podcasts will b

YouTube Music’s latest feature lets users create custom radio stations

YouTube Music is introducing a new radio experience that lets users create their own custom stations, the company told TechCrunch on Tuesday. Prior to the launch of this feature, users have started mu

YouTube Music contractors strike over alleged unfair labor practices

A group of 40 YouTube Music workers went on strike Friday. Employed by Alphabet subcontractor Cognizant, the striking workers allege that both companies’ management have leveraged unfair labor p

YouTube Music starts rolling out its personalized end-of-year Recaps

YouTube Music announced today that it’s starting to roll out its personalized end-of-year Recaps to allow users to relive their favorite music moments of 2022. The launch comes ahead of Spotify&

YouTube Music and Premium top 80 million paid subscribers

Today, YouTube announced that it surpassed 80 million YouTube Music and Premium subscribers globally, including customers using free trials. The year-over-year increase of 30 million subscribers is no

YouTube Music rolls out iOS 16 lock screen widget ‘Recently Played’

Following the launch of Apple’s iOS 16 update, Google’s YouTube Music becomes the latest to introduce an iOS 16 Lock Screen widget. “Recently Played” can be added to a user’s lock screen

TikTok competitor YouTube Shorts is integrating more closely with YouTube Music

Music is a powerful force in the short-form video sphere — so powerful that it can resurrect a 37-year-old Kate Bush song. Today, YouTube Shorts announced that it will integrate songs you’

YouTube launches a dedicated podcasts homepage for US users

Earlier this year, reports emerged that YouTube would soon add a dedicated podcasts homepage — a signal the company was getting more serious about its investments in podcasts and the potential a

YouTube Music introduces seasonal recap playlists to compete with Spotify Wrapped

YouTube Music has launched a new feature called seasonal recaps, a culmination of your top artists, songs, albums and playlists. “Spring Recap” will be the first recap that users can try. This act

YouTube Music for Wear OS now lets users stream content over Wi-Fi and LTE

Google announced today that the YouTube Music app on Wear OS is rolling out the ability for users to stream music over LTE or WiFi. The new feature will let users discover new music without having to

YouTube may be getting a dedicated podcasts homepage

There were already several hints that YouTube was getting more serious about podcasts, after reports indicated the company hired a podcast executive, Kai Chuk, to lead its efforts in the space and had
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