Phone-addicted teens aren’t as happy as those who play sports and hang out IRL, new study suggests

To no parent’s surprise, too much smartphone use makes teens unhappy. So says a new study from San Diego State University, which pulled data from over one million 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-graders

The Tab Raises $3M For Its Hyperlocal News Site Written By Unpaid Student Journalists

The online disruption of journalism continues apace. Today The Tab, a hyperlocal news site aimed at young people and written mainly by “grassroots” (read: unpaid) student journalists, has

Go Go Content: Amazon’s LoveFilm Adds 2,000 Children’s Shows, Including Inspector Gadget, In New DHX (Cookie Jar) Deal

The war for customers for streaming video is being played out at all age demographics. Today, Amazon's <a target="_blank" href="">LoveFilm</a> upped the ante on the youth front

Study: Kids Today Living A ‘Screen-Based’ Existence At The Expense Of Real Life

<img src="" />Are you suggesting we raise a generation of super-kids? Even if you are, know this: we may be raising a generation of

Today's youth: Using the Internet for good, or just to be pleasure-hunting dopes

<img src="" />Don't you just hate young people? With their good looks, sharp tongues and lack of respect for the law. They listen to stupi