• Taking analog to a new level: the 01 wristwatch

    As much as I love digital watches (and watches that take some work to read), there is something comforting about an analog dial. And the 01 watch takes analog dials to a whole new turning disk level. Read More

  • Timex announces new GPS Training watch

    Timex launched a new GPS watch recently, and while it’s intended for athletes who require more exact data when training, the new Ironman Global Trainer uses some pretty high end GPS technology in order to accurately track pace, distance, and heart rate. Read More

  • DIY: Wireless door access using a watch

    The TI Chronos has been a bit of a hackers darling recently, but this has to be the coolest application of it I’ve seen so far. Rather then getting an RFID tag embedded in your hand, program your watch to use a pre-programmed combination of taps to activate the lock. Read More

  • When Photoshop attacks: The cwatch

    In a fine example of design gone bad, Thomas Cruyl from Belgium put together the cwatch. And amaziningly, it has a chance of winning some kind of internet design contest. Read More

  • London Flash: The Storm Circuit MK2 watch

    Created by the design firm STORM of London, the Circuit MK2 is a LED watch integrated into a stainless steel bracelet. While it looks like it might have a bit of a learning curve, it definitely has a unique look that should stand out from your standard analog dial or digital display. Read More

  • 100% concept watch coming to market after all

    Check out the latest creation from the specialty design company, 100%. Despite having a name that’s really annoying to blog about, they do have some cool products for sale. What they don’t have for sale (quite yet) is this bracelet that cleverly conceals a digital wristwatch. Not sure exactly how they do it, and power consumption might be an issue, but it certainly is a cool… Read More

  • Contest: Win an Orient Watch

    That other blog that John writes for, WristWatchReview.com is having a little contest where you can win an Orient watch. Click on the link for the details, it’s an easy win. the contest ends tonight, so it’s probably best to hurry. Read More

  • Special Feature: Stuhrling Original Watches

    This week we have a special treat for you, we were sent four of Stuhrling’s most popular watches for review, and we’re going to be doing a week long feature on their products. While you might not have heard from Stuhrling before, you should have. Their products are extremely well built and fashionably designed, but still designed for the more, shall we say, frugal buyer like… Read More

  • Star Wars watch collection coming this holiday season

    Here comes yet another product line from the unholy union between design Marc Ecko, and Star Wars. I have to be honest however, and admit that I think these watches look pretty cool and.. I might actually have to buy one. At least one. At least the Boba Fett one. Read More

  • Six for the ladies – new Casio "Baby-G" wristwatches announced

    Casio announced several new additions to their Baby-G line recently, including some eye-catchingly bright pink models. Despite the questionable style choices, the new additions are solid watches. Read More

  • Casio announces new Edifice 3D Chronograph

    Casio has announced the latest addition to their Edifice line, the 3D Chronograph. This new arrival features one of Casio’s latest design features, the see through complication. This provides a rather unique appearance for a watch already loaded with features. Read More

  • Steel Cake chrono line, back in stock

    If you tried to order a Steel Cake chrono lately, you might have noticed a slight problem, they’ve been out of stock. The good news is that we got an email from them today, and they have them back in stock again. Read More

  • Casio announces new watch, the Cachalot

    While Casio is considered to be a higher end watch company in Japan, they sometimes have image problems in the States. Better known for their G-shock and calculator watches in the US, their Oceanus line is sometimes ignored by higher end retailers. This is a shame really, since the line has some features not even found in the likes of Tag Hauer and Seiko. Read More

  • Heat watcher watch cautions against heat strokes

    Nagano-based Chinon [JP] has released a wristwatch that doubles as a portable health monitor. The so-called Heat Watcher is able to caution users who exercise or work under extreme circumstances against heatstrokes. Users can pre-set the watch via 3 levels that determine the expected intensity of the work or exercise (light, medium and hard). One’s own physical stability can be selected… Read More

  • Creating wearable art from busted wristwatches for fun and net loss

    I doubt you need any help spray-painting watchesBut you’ll get an article on how to do it anyway. I’ve had the same watch for five years and I intend to keep it going for another twenty, but there are a few laying around that could be used to make a brightly colored statement on how little regard I have for time in general. Remember, there are colors other than Juicy Fruit pink, so… Read More

  • Johannes Kepler $100k Astronomer's Wristwatch

    Came across this unique watch on BoingBoing. Only 99 of these watches were made and are named after 17th century astronomer Johannes Kepler. He’s the dude who came up with the formulas for the Laws of Planetary Motion. Big stuff. Johannes’ timepiece doesn’t come cheap though. It’s more than $100,000 per watch, but the design is magnificent. Check out how the watch… Read More

  • Tourbillon Timepiece Defines Luxury

    When going out on the town and trying to pick up chicks, I usually settle for my Mickey Mouse Armitron watch. However, when I heard that Hickey was coming with me to pick up dudes in the restroom, I opted for something a bit classier. Meet the Tourbillon Timepiece from Avianne & Co. The ultimate definition of class and luxury, this $65,000 watch comes with a mother-of-pearl round face… Read More

  • Watch With Built-In PayPass

    Over in Turkey, a local bank has a new promotion that is going to make credit cards a thing of the past. In a deal with MasterCard, the bank is now offering a wristwatch with a built-in PayPass credit card. All you have to do is just swipe your watch at a counter that accepts PayPass and you’re good to go. No need to sign anything as long as the price of your total purchase is under… Read More

  • Suunto X9i Watch Reviewed And Looking Adventurous!

    So are you feeling a bit adventurous lately and also need a new wristwatch? Look no further than the Suunto X9i say the dudes over at Spungle. Big and bulky, this bad boy isn’t just a watch, but an expandable survival tool. It comes with a 3D compass, an altimeter, can calculate sea pressure, and has a GPS system accurate up to three feet! Clearly made for the outdoorsman in your family. Read More