• Hot or not? Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole quad-face wristwatch

    We’re having a disagreement. I think this watch is awesome in its symmetry and simultaneous yet paradoxical over-stimulation and use of blank space. John and Dave, the self-styled watch guys here, think it’s butt-ugly. What say you, readers? Read More

  • Rolex Deep Sea Special: Water resistant to 35,840 feet

    Sure, you think you’re pretty special with your Timex that’s water resistant to 100 meters. Maybe you even have a divers watch, that’ll go down to 300 meters. They don’t have anything on this Rolex, it’s been down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and came back alive. Read More

  • Sprout watch: eco-friendly but probably won't win any beauty contests

    Lots of companies like to say they’ve made a “green” product. This ridiculous cardboard PC case comes to mind. But few actually do — usually it’s a matter of making their manuals and packaging a little smaller, using recycled plastic for this and that, but leaving all the toxic components and such in place. This Sprout watch from Armitron seems to be an actual… Read More

  • Cadence launches the Wrist Rocket watch

    Cadence announced their Wrist Rocket watch today, you may remember we told you about their incredibly cool 4-Bit watch. Well, the Wrist Rocket isn’t quite as geeky, but it’s definitely unique and interesting looking. Read More

  • Equipe watches designed to drive you crazy

    Every watch needs some kind of theme, and Equipe has certainly found theirs. Inspired by the auto industry, this Detroit based company designs their watches using vehicles as their guide. Read More

  • Time for E-ink: Seiko announces the first active-matrix watch

    Here’s an interesting little tidbit; Seiko just announced that they are going to producing the world’s first active matrix e-ink timepiece. That’s right, a wristwatch that uses e-reader technology to display the time. Could we be looking at the next LCD display technology? Read More

  • The first perpetual mechanical timepiece: Cabestan Sol Invictus

    Even discounting the fact that this is a watch, this is just an amazing little piece of machinery. The Sol Invictus puts a modern spin on the perpetual motion machine, using micro-motors, solar cells, and a chain system to create an incredibly complicated (and incredibly cool looking) timepiece. The is the first watch to combine a chain & fusée with drums and vertical tourbillon in a… Read More

  • Review: Suunto Core Light Black

    Short version: The Core Light Black is a multifunction timepiece designed by Suunto, a Finnish company. The Core Light Black combines a timepiece with a altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer into one small package. While it is a large watch, the functionality it brings makes it an ideal piece for the outdoor enthusiast. Read More

  • This Casio G-Shock looks like they dipped it in Pixy Stix (comes with robot)

    My love of Pixy Stix is known throughout the seven seas, but that doesn’t mean I’d wear a watch like this. Really, now. You’d have to be the most candy-loving, grill-sunglasses-wearing, Surge-sucking rave-master in Neo-Tokyo to even consider it. Or I guess you could just be a kid who likes colors. And robots. Read More

  • Cadence wants you to learn how to tell time in binary

    Here’s a geeky watch that won’t destroy your budget. Cadence teamed up with designer John Flear to produce the 4-BIt watch. The geek angle? All of the time indications are shown in 4-bit binary language instead of arabic or roman numerals. Read More

  • Cyclops watch hard to read, looks cool

    Mr. Jones watches are unique in many ways; they are produced by a small design studio, there are generally limited quantities available, but they are pretty much inevitably cool. Normally, they are also easy to read, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Cyclops Special Edition. Read More