• Woz With A Coz: The 99c iOS Game That Puts An 8-Bit, Gun-Toting Woz In Your Pocket, With Danny Trejo As His Fearsome Sidekick

    Woz With A Coz: The 99c iOS Game That Puts An 8-Bit, Gun-Toting Woz In Your Pocket, With Danny Trejo As His Fearsome Sidekick

    The life and times of Steve Wozniak are awesome enough already. But now Woz can add ‘becoming an in-game character alongside a badass movie star’ to his achievements — having been rendered in pixel-form for a retro 8-bit style iOS platform game called ‘Vengeance: Woz with a Coz’. The legendary Apple co-founder also lends his voice to the game and helped write… Read More

  • Woz Watch: Steve Wozniak Waiting For One Of The First iPhone 5’s In Australia

    Woz Watch: Steve Wozniak Waiting For One Of The First iPhone 5’s In Australia

    Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, Steve Wozniak is going to be waiting up all night on line to get one. TechCrunch was planning to talk to him at one of his usual digs at an Apple Store in Los Gatos or San Jose. But, this time it turns out the Apple co-founder is waiting in Australia. According to his tweet from an hour ago, he’s “In line for first iPhone 5’s in… Read More

  • Impartial Woz prefers iPhone over Android

    In a recent interview with The Seoul Economic Daily in Korea, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak praised the Apple iPhone over Android. Woz has three iPhones and an iPad, so it should be no surprise that he prefers them over Android, though he does give some tepid praise to the voice recognition of Android on his Nexus One phone. Woz also provided some advice to Read More

  • Woz says Jobs doesn't sound sick

    While scooting around All Things D on his Segway, Woz was heard screaming at the top of his lungs that his old buddy Steve Jobs “doesn’t sound like he’s sick,” or that he’s in a health crisis as Ben Charny of the WSJ says. OK, Woz wasn’t really on his Segway screaming, but he hasn’t directly asked Jobs how he was doing either. Read More

  • Dancing with the Stars prediction: Steve Wozniak will be voted off first

    Woz, Sorry, buddy. I my geek heart goes out to ya but what are you thinking? Dancing with the Stars? The last geek, Mark Cuban, who is a physically fit NBA owner made it through four rounds of cuts and I would be shocked if you make it through one. Who am I to judge though. Maybe you’re a closet tinker bell and will surprise everyone. Props for at least doing the show. Kick Steve-O in… Read More

  • Video: Woz on Apple's product development future and Steve Jobs' health

    Steve Wozniak was on a Bay Area NBC station and provided some valuable insight about Apple’s future. This is a must watch video for bored Apple fanboys on a lazy Sunday afternoon. What else do you have going on? Seriously, click the “Read Post” link for the five minute video. Read More

  • Woz at IDF

    Steve Wozniak dropped by IDF today to shoot the shit with Moira Gunn, host of Tech Nation. Woz was animated and insightful for the hour-long conversation. What ultimately was a retrospective on the history of the tech legend was engaging as the co-founder of Apple ran through topics from his early time at HP to his supposed relationship with Kathy Griffin. “I’d rather be known as… Read More

  • Woz agrees with me about the MacBook Air

    Not that it means much, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one, even if my support is a total unknown like this Mr. Wozniak. I still feel my initial assessment of the Air as a sexy lemon is on the mark. He also shares his disappointment about the iPhone’s 2.5G-ness. This “Woz” is spreading his lukewarm enthusiasm for Apple’s latest products all over… Read More

  • Disney's Woz-bot to scare children unto eternity

    EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth (Presented by Siemens!) is a ride dedicated to showing the variety and wealth of riches here on our jolly blue orb. Interestingly enough, in doing this, Disney decided to share the birth of Apple and to glorify the cult of the obese geek eating pizza in his garage. Here we see the Woz, presumably, working on a strange Mac-esque PC. His back is to the riders… Read More

  • When Woz Wuz Young

    Not sure what to make of this commercial featuring the Woz and his fancy new Datsun, but it sure makes me want to buy… I’m not sure what. Apples? Datsuns? via Macenstein Read More