• Descent coming to WiiWare – prepare barf bags

    Do you people remember how disorientating Descent was back when it first game out? I mean, we had Doom and Flight Simulator and all that, but spinning around in those little passages trying to laser a fool was a whole new thing. And a lot of people got dizzy, myself included. Well, now you can be nauseated all over again, as everybody’s favorite tunnel-shooter is coming to the Wii. Read More

  • WiiWare: Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth now available

    Weird naming conventions aside (What, no colon? And what’s with the capital B?), Castlevania fans have another installment in the series to conquer. This one’s available as WiiWare for ten bucks. Read More

  • Nintendo mulling WiiWare demos

    Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said recently that his company would be testing out demo downloads of certain WiiWare titles this month. It’s unclear if this test program will only be for Wii owners in Japan or if those of us here in the U.S. would be able to participate as well. Read More

  • Excitebike: World Rally WiiWare trailer (you must watch this)

    Skip to 1:00 mark and prepare to be amazed at the multiplayer Excitebike Wii port. Seriously, there are people out there that will buy a Wii just for this WiiWare game and the side-scrolling retro action. I might. Click through for the awesome trailer. Read More

  • La-Mulana comes to WiiWare; you're not worthy

    The downloadable game libraries on current-gen consoles are making for a lot of “indie developer makes good” occasions. Cave Story, one of my favorite games ever, is coming to WiiWare after years of being PC-only freeware (recently ported to Mac). And now La-Mulana, also known as “the game so hard that I just gave up… twice” is coming as well. If you’re a fan… Read More

  • How does a WiiWare developer make money?

    Have you wondered how a WiiWare developer makes money? Me either, but a friendly tip sent in by a developer to Kotaku reveals the magical number needed before they start seeing dough in their own pockets. The numbers needed to turn a profit in NA is double that of Europe and also varies depending on how big the actual game is. Here is the breakdown according to Kotaku’s tipster: Read More

  • Reasonably live from Nintendo's GDC press conference: SDHC for WiiWare, Final Fantasy heads to Virtual Console

    Hey! We’ve just received word from out team at the Game Developers Convention that WiiWare will now support launching games from SDHC cards. That’s as of the latest update, which is available for download today. And there’s more from the big Nintendo press conference! Read More

  • WiiWare remake brings old-school gaming hero "16 shot" back to the table

    The gaming heroes of yesteryear are, unsurprisingly, getting on in age. Those pioneering masters of the joystick who pwned Tempest, Robotron 2084, and Raiden are not the fresh young joystick wagglers that terrified arcade owners in the 80s by playing for an hour on one quarter. Their power is diminished, but not so much that you could beat them at a game of R-Type — especially not… Read More

  • Video: Getting your beat on, 8 bits at a time

    Like your old school gaming blocky, and 8 bit? There’s a new game coming out for the Wii that’ll be just your thing then. Developer Aksys Games recently announced their new title, and no one noticed. Then they released a video of the gameplay. Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Fujisoft launches Japan-only VOD service for the Wii

    At CEATEC 2008, Fujisoft for the first time presented their “Ulexit” video player for embedded devices. The company will use its technology for “Minna-no (everybody’s) Theater Wii”, a video-on-demand service for the Nintendo Wii. A Fujisoft representative told me the service goes online in December 2008 in Japan. Asked whether Everybody’s Theater Wii will… Read More

  • Mega Man 9 is out for Wii!

    In case you forgot, or haven’t read any of the other 50 million Mega Man 9 posts here at CG, I thought I’d remind you all that Mega Man 9 is out today for download on WiiWare, and will be out shortly on the other consoles. I’m feeling that same excitement I felt back in the day when something like StarFox would come out — probably because I’ve been looking for a… Read More

  • Mega Man 9 producer talks about challenges of making an 8-bit game in 2008

    In this great interview with Hironobu Takeshita at Gamasutra, the producer of the hotly anticipated upcoming Mega Man 9, the hardships and fun bits of developing an 8-bit game in the modern era are discussed. It’s as clear from this conversation as from all the shots and details leaked before that the dev team is in love with the old games and interested in exceeding them in ways… Read More

  • Japanese Wii users get to download digital manga, Western users don't

    Following the launch of a similar service for the DS, Japanese Wii users are now able to download digital comics to their Wii consoles offered by a total of 5 companies. In April, Japanese publishing powerhouses Kadokawa Group Publishing [JP], Shueisha [JP], Shogakukan, Kodansha, and game maker Tose partnered up to establish Librica [JP]. The new company launched the manga service last… Read More

  • E3 2008: Mega Man 9 trailer – yes, it's awesome

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/ih_C7WuJ5FQ%5D Oh yeah, baby. I’m going to beat this mother in one sitting no matter what. I’m really glad they went back to about the Mega Man 2 era in terms of skills and enemies since that’s the era I rock. I’m going to play some Mega Man tonight with “Eye of the Tiger” on in the background to get ready for this. Read More

  • Mega Man 9 to be released on WiiWare, PSN, and XBLA

    There we go. Was that so hard? Was it so hard to make a totally awesome Mega Man game and then release it on all three consoles at once? They are doing so many things so right here.
    1. Cross-platform love like never before
    2. Retro graphics like — before
    3. The Blue Bomber
    4. Robot dragons History will look kindly on Mega Man 9, which I’m hoping is going to be every bit as hard… Read More

  • Games for the blind or visually impaired, designed on Nintendo’s Wii

    Gamers with impaired vision usually had a hard time finding games they could play with their friends, who had no vision problems. The researchers at MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Gambit Game Lab have been working with the Wii to create a game that will fill this need. They unveiled the fruits of their labor on Tuesday, a game called AudiOdyssey. The game is all about… Read More

  • Video: Beer Pong for the Wii

    I love playing Beer Pong. It’s what I’ll be doing later tonight and all weekend once I get out of the city for the holiday weekend. Now, the blending of video games and drinking games is a tough act to pull off, but Frat Party Games may have done it with their upcoming WiiWare title. Like any other sport-related game on the Wii, I don’t see the mechanics being true to life… Read More

  • Homestar Runner, Strong Bad WiiWare games soon

    Nice. I like it. If you’ve been aimlessly drifting about the world wide web for any substantial period of time, you’ve undoubtedly come across (and spent several hours on) Homestarrunner.com — a fantastical world made of wonderful Flash cartoons starring hilarious characters. In June, we’ll see the first of five episodic WiiWare games from the “Strong… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Dr. Mario WiiWare – I got a fever!

    http://www.gemaga.com/game-videos/3493 And the only prescription is hundreds upon hundreds of duochromatic capsules. The wii-mote control scheme looks a little shady but like every other game on the Wii, I assume it will become second nature. Of course, classic mode looks classic. I know a few girls in LA who are going to flip their lids when they see this. Seriously — their… Read More

  • 'Defend Your Castle' to WiiWare May 12, new trailer

    Here’s a trailer for Defend Your Castle, which will be one of the first WiiWare games available for download (not to be confused with the Virtual Console games). It was originally available as a Flash game but it’s taken on an overhauled look, 4-player multiplayer, and enhanced physics and particle effects. The developer, XGen Studios, says “Defend Your Castle has been… Read More