Reasonably live from Nintendo's GDC press conference: SDHC for WiiWare, Final Fantasy heads to Virtual Console


Hey! We’ve just received word from out team at the Game Developers Convention that WiiWare will now support launching games from SDHC cards. That’s as of the latest update, which is available for download today. And there’s more from the big Nintendo press conference!

This stuff is coming in fast and furious, so don’t be shy about refreshing every few minutes.

Right, so WiiWare now supports SDHC cards. Games can be stored on and launched from the little guys.


Final Fantasy is coming to Virtual Console this year. FFI and FFIV should be available before the end of the year, marking the 8 billionth time I’ve paid for FFIV in the past few years.


• The Wii System Menu 4.0 will be available today. Check your Wii when you get back from work/school!


• You can store up to 20 “pages” of games per card, so up to 320 games, if our math is correct. It might well not be!


• Virtual Console Arcade! It’s like the Virtual Console you already know and love, but for those classic arcade games like Galaga



The guys will have more photos and video I think once they get situated, so just hold tight. As we all know, the Internet is hard.