Japanese Wii users get to download digital manga, Western users don't

Following the launch of a similar service for the DS, Japanese Wii users are now able to download digital comics to their Wii consoles offered by a total of 5 companies. In April, Japanese publishing powerhouses Kadokawa Group Publishing [JP], Shueisha [JP], Shogakukan, Kodansha, and game maker Tose partnered up to establish Librica [JP]. The new company launched the manga service last Thursday.

To view the comics, Wii owners must buy and install a special software on their consoles. The companies involved in the joint venture said [JP] they are thinking about offering a solution to transfer the downloaded content to DS consoles.

Librica also will approach other digital content providers and publishing houses to expand their business. As usual, there is no word on a possible internationalization of the new service.