The Alvieri Firenze brings a bubbly touch to the traditional watch

Like tea and toddler’s birthday parties, everything is better with bubbles. This interesting new Kickstarter watch has a unique “bubble” or convex track around its face, a feature th

LinkedIn-Owned Email Widget Rapportive Is About To Get Less Useful

All good things must come to an end. <a target="_blank" href="https://rapportive.com/">Rapportive</a>, the fantastically helpful email widget which jazzed up your Gmail sidebar with rich contact infor

Outbrain Raises $35M In Series D Funding For Content Discovery Platform

Today, content discovery platform <a href="http://www.outbrain.com/">Outbrain</a> is announcing it has secured $35 million in Series D funding in a round led by Index Ventures. Existing investors Ca

Released Sony Bravia SDK means widgets are coming

Who hasn’t sat in front of their HDTV thinking about wonderful little apps that could float on top of live TV all widget-like: weather, RSS feeds, webcams, sports scores, anything. Now Sony h

iPhone Death Watch

Those pranksters at PC Mag have come up with a completely scientific methodology that predicts when your iPhone will bite the dust. Cuz, you know, you can’t replace the battery on your own. The iPho

Geek Proposes Via Dashboard Widget

Some would call this a story of love between two geeks. Apparently, some dork who goes by the username “Bjorn” on Flickr proposed to his girl by coding out a custom Dashboard widget. Shape