• Need To Find The Ladies ASAP? Wheretheladies.at Finally Hits The App Store

    Geo-location has come to this: After three weeks in review, Wheretheladies.at, a web app that aggregates Foursquare checkins by the female gender, is now available on the iPhone. The concept OF A BIG COMPASS POINTING YOU IN THE DIRECTION OF LADIES is so unprecedented that Apple actually called co-founder Jeff Hodsdon on his cellphone to ask about the app during the review process. Co-founded… Read More

  • Wheretheladies.at Shows You Where The Ladies Are At

    At the Tahoe Tech Talk this weekend, someone from the audience introduced themselves as a representative of Wheretheladies.at, a domain whose extreme ridiculousness piqued my interest a) because it is actually real and b) because most events in San Francisco easily go from a bonestorm to a bronado to a category five hisicane in like a span of 30 minutes. Founded by Path’s Danny Trinh… Read More