Wheretheladies.at Shows You Where The Ladies Are At

At the Tahoe Tech Talk this weekend, someone from the audience introduced themselves as a representative of Wheretheladies.at, a domain whose extreme ridiculousness piqued my interest a) because it is actually real and b) because most events in San Francisco can easily go from a bonestorm to a bronado to a category five hisicane in like a span of 30 minutes.

Founded by Path’s Danny Trinh and Digg’s Jeff Hodsdon, Wheretheladies.at is an iPhone-friendly web service which uses Foursquare to gage how many females have checked into venues in your vicinity, stack ranking and featuring the places that have the most women checking in. Seriously.

The service crawls the Foursquare API to track female checkins based on first names which admittedly leaves room for inaccuracies (here’s looking at you dude Courtney). But, as someone who deals with dorky guys desperate for practice consistently, I think this is brilliant and totally gets an “A” for effort and vision.

Says Trinh, “The few chicks that check-in are a decent sample of where more might be.” Using any female checkins as signifiers of an even larger “lady” ratio, it’s like Trinh and Hodson have totally made an app giving nerds some kind of advantage in natural selection.

And while apps like Assisted Serendipity and Kissmobs attempt to do something similar, Wheretheladies.at has the simplest solution UI-wise  for the moment. The service, which started out as a joke between friends at SXSW, is currently experiencing high volume traffic in San Francisco and is branching out to other cities shortly, targeting New York, LA and then Minneapolis. A Wheretheladies.at iPhone app is also in the works, which, get this, is JUST A BIG COMPASS POINTING YOU IN THE DIRECTION OF LADIES (see screencap to the left).

Ladies and gentlemen, but especially ladies, what we are witnessing here is called evolutionary advantage.  On this bent, Trinh and Hodsdon are not looking for funding and are currently just focusing on “helping our fellow dudes around the world find the ladies.”