• Option USB GlobeSurfer iCON HSUPA Modem

    The world is shedding its wires and I, for one, am thrilled. Option has just announced a USB version of its GlobeSurfer HSUPA modem. The device offers the ability to suck in a 7.2Mbps downstream and pump out a 2Mbps upstream. It features a swivel USB head so it should be able to easily fit any USB port, despite bothersome casings or whatever. It supposedly offers plug and play capability and… Read More

  • Helio Releases EV-DO Card

    Helio announced this morning a hybrid card that supports both 3G and WiFi. The Helio Hybrid card and Hybrid Connector software are free with a two year membership costing $85 per month. It will be able to connect to the Internet via EV-DO or Helio WiFI hotspots. As far as I know, Helio will be the first MVNO to offer a wireless broadband card. I’m sure this signals something significant… Read More