Polestar lands $1B loan to keep EV plans on track

Polestar secured a $950 million loan from a dozen banks, critical funds needed to keep its EV plans moving forward following Volvo’s decision to pull back its financial support of the electric a

Volvo will make its last diesel car in 2024

Volvo’s last diesel car will roll off the line “by early 2024,” the company said on Tuesday. The writing’s been on the wall for several years. As far back as 2017, the Geely-ow

The Volvo EX30’s interior is the Ikea take on Tesla’s playbook

Comparisons will inevitably be drawn between the Tesla Model 3’s sparse interior and that of the new Volvo EX30. But Volvo’s electric crossover goes big on the minimalist, space-maximizing

Volvo becomes latest automaker to adopt Tesla EV charging standard

First came Ford. GM and Rivian followed. Now, Volvo is turning to Tesla’s North American Charging Standard. Under an agreement announced Tuesday, Volvo EV owners will have access to about 12,000

Volvo reveals the small, simple and inexpensive EX30 electric SUV

There’s a lot to love about the new Volvo EX30. The starting price of $34,950 puts it as one of the least expensive modern EVs on the market. The interior is beautiful in a simplistic fashion an

Volvo’s new small EV tries to optimize space with Scandinavian design

Volvo is continuing to drip-feed more information about its upcoming electric Volvo EX30 small SUV. Last week the automaker promised the new EV would have the smallest carbon footprint of any previous

What is this? A car for ants? Volvo hypes EX30’s ‘smaller’ CO2 footprint

Volvo is back with new details on its forthcoming EX30 electric SUV. This time, the Swedish automaker is talking up the vehicle’s carbon footprint, claiming it is smaller “than any Volvo c

Polestar and Volvo are the latest automakers caught in software purgatory

Software, it turns out, is hard for automakers. And building a so-called software-defined car — the term du jour in automotive circles — is even harder. Software development problems have led to e

US lidar maker Luminar wants to light up China’s smart vehicles

Luminar, the Nasdaq-listed lidar maker from Florida, is making a push into China as the world’s largest auto market races to put automated and autonomous driving vehicles on the road. By 2028, m

Self-driving truck startup Waabi brings on Volvo VC as strategic investor

Autonomous trucking startup Waabi has bagged Volvo Group Venture Capital AB, the automaker’s VC arm, as a strategic investor. The companies aren’t disclosing the amount invested, nor many

Google launches HD maps for vehicles, Volvo and Polestar first to integrate

Google is announcing today an HD version of its vehicle mapping solution. Unlike Google Maps, Google’s HD map is not a consuming-facing application but an additional layer of data that’s served to

Polestar doubles Q3 revenue, narrows losses

Polestar said it’s still on track to deliver 50,000 cars worldwide this year, even as other electric vehicle makers falter amid higher costs, supply chain crunches and production challenges. The Vo

Volvo’s flagship all-electric SUV embraces software-defined vehicle trend

Volvo unveiled Wednesday its flagship electric vehicle, a seven-passenger SUV loaded with sensors and software that the company hopes will push it ahead in an increasingly saturated luxury EV market.

How Volvo is leaning on software to drive its next great safety revolution

Volvo is one of those brands with a core identity so firmly cemented that no amount of marketing can counter it. Volvo is safety first. Even if you don’t know the details of their involvement wi

Xeneta makes a splash with $80M on a $265M valuation to scale its crowdsourced sea and air freight analytics

The wheels of global commerce continue to turn, through wars, pandemics and economic downturns; and today a startup taking a new tech approach to improve the workings of one of the more antiquated asp

Varjo, an early mover in building XR headsets and software for enterprises, taps $40M

Applications in the metaverse often feel like more of a marketing gimmick than something that a critical mass of consumers would use, let alone pay for. But turn to the enterprise and there appears to

A Gen Z VC speaks up: Why Gen Z VCs are trash

Gen Z VCs have raised funds, garnered social media followings and profited from the Gen Z mentality. Good for them. I don’t want to be any part of it.

Polestar is launching an EV roadster in 2026 called the Polestar 6

Electric vehicle maker Polestar said Tuesday that it is expanding its lineup to include an 884-horsepower hard-top convertible with recycled polyester upholstery. The Polestar 6 electric performance r

Luminar to invest in Geely-affiliated Ecarx, eyes China market

Luminar, the Florida-based lidar company that went public via SPAC in 2020, has formed a close alliance with an auto behemoth in China. It’s making a strategic investment of an undisclosed amoun

Polestar on track to sell 50,000 EVs in 2022

Polestar, the electric vehicle maker that made its Nasdaq debut in June, said Wednesday it is on track to meet its annual sales target. For the first half of 2022, Polestar delivered approximately 21,
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