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Entrepreneurs everywhere can now solve the problems of humanity

We no longer have a monopoly on disruptive innovation. The cost of building world-changing technologies has dropped exponentially and made it possible for entrepreneurs anywhere to solve the grand cha

Seeing Beyond The Hubris Of Facebook’s Free Basics Fiasco

What Zuckerberg and his U.S. team didn’t understand was that in India you can buy computer tablets and smartphones for as little as $50, and that 100MB of data—which is more than a Free Basics use

From AI To Robotics, 2016 Will Be The Year When The Machines Start Taking Over

Vivek Wadhwa Contributor Vivek Wadhwa is an academic, entrepreneur, and author who holds appointments at Stanford, Duke, and Singularity University. More posts by this contributor Platforms are the re

Vivek Wadhwa Joins Board Of French Startup Accelerator TheFamily

French startup accelerator <a target="_blank" href="">TheFamily</a> has a new board member, entrepreneur turned academic <a target="_blank" href="

The US Needs To Focus Its Educational Efforts On Talented Americans

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Jonathan Wai is a researcher and writer at the Duke University Talent Identification Program and author of <a target="_blank" href="

Keen On… Vivek Wadhwa: Why There Are So Few Black Or Female Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley [TCTV]

Sexism and racism in Silicon Valley. It's a debate that doesn't seem to want to die. On one side are those who believe that Silicon Valley is a genuine meritocracy; on the other, are those who are dee

Living the Knowledge Life: A Thiel Fellowship Finalist's Response

<img src="" /><em>Editor's note: This post is a response to an ongoing educational debate over the efficacy of Peter Thiel's <a h