Minecraft Xbox One, Vita And PS4 Edition Arrive This August For $19.99

Minecraft is the golden goose, and it lays its golden eggs on all platforms. So far, it hasn’t hit the next generation of home consoles, however, but that’s set to change in August when it

Skype Video Calling Comes To The Playstation Vita

A while ago, people opined that the PS <a HREF="">Vita</a> - despite horrible battery life and a dearth of compelling game titles - could become a sort of "gamers <a HRE

Boom Headshot! Sony Sold 1.2M Vitas Worldwide Since Its Launch Two Months

Apparently there are still dedicated gamers out there. Sony stated on Tuesday that the Vita is exceeding its expectations and over 1.2 million units have sold worldwide. The Vita hit the U.S. and Euro

With Facebook, Netflix And More, The PS Vita Is *Nearly* A Tablet Alternative

I've enjoyed the PS Vita for a couple of weeks now. It's a fun device, but as John describes <a href="">in our r

Review: The Playstation Vita, Sony’s Portable Powerhouse

Like a line of hard-marching Lemmings (or a swarm of Patapons), Sony's countless, niggling enemies would like nothing better than to distract and steal the company's hard-won fan base. The Playstation

Playstation Vita Sales In Nosedive After Strong Japan Debut

The <a href="">Playstation Vita</a> handheld system, unveiled at E3 last year, went on sale just before the holidays in Japan. It saw serious sales: around 325,000 unit

Sony Shares Holiday Sales Numbers For The PlayStation

Sony Computer Entertainment <a href="">reported</a> some solid sales numbers for its various <a href="">Play

Sony Sells 321,407 PS Vitas In 2 Days, Apologizes For Technical Problems At Japan Launch

<a href="">Sony</a> has managed to sell a total of 321,407 PlayStation <a href="">Vitas</a> on December 17 (the day it was launched in Jap

Sony Pins Its Future On Gaming

Sony can't get much right these days. They've dissolved their partnership with <a HREF="">Ericss

Sony Japan Announces UMD Passport Program for PS Vita Owners

In case you are planning to buy Sony's new handheld PlayStation <a href="">Vita</a> and were wondering what will happen to your UMDs, Sony finally made an <a href="http:

Sony Japan Prices First Playstation Vita Games

The launch of Sony's new handheld console <a href="">Vita</a> in Japan is just two months away (December 17), so it's about time big S made some official announcements r

Sony Will Offer 28 Titles When The Vita Launches In Japan (Full List)

Apart from <a href="">fixing the Japan release date</a> for the Playstation <a href="

Sony’s Playstation Vita To Hit Japan On December 17

Sony is currently <a href="">holding</a> a press conference in Tokyo where the company said that the Playstation <a hr

Foursquare And Skype Coming To Playstation Vita

During a press conference at the Gamescom gaming conference in Cologne, Sony announced a few new features for their new handheld console, the <a href="">Vita</a> (watch

Sony PS Vita To Launch Only In Japan This Year, US & Europe To Get The Portable in 2012

I hope you didn't have the <a href="">PS Vita</a> on your Christmas list this year. Sony's next-gen portable is going to reach the States or Europe until next year per

Playstation Vita’s Social And Online Modes Officially Detailed

We heard about the <a href="">Playstation Vita's</a> <a href="">onl

Shake-up At Sony: PlayStation Inventor Retires, Kaz Hirai Becomes Chairman Of Sony Computer Entertainment

<img src="" /> Following the security breach in the <a href="

Vita To Ship December 31st?

Some Vita-pre-ordering mofos are getting word from Amazon that their shiny new handheld will not, in fact, be arriving “this holiday season” (which implies November and early December), bu

Good News: The Vita Is Region-Free

Although region locking doesn’t affect the majority of gamers, among the hardcore it tends to be a sticking point. Some games have better or earlier releases in other countries, and the ability

Videos And Gallery: Our Hands-Ons With The PS Vita

<img src="" />We had a pleasant morning checking out the Sony and Nintendo booths, getting hands-on with a few launch games and
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