Sony PS Vita To Launch Only In Japan This Year, US & Europe To Get The Portable in 2012

I hope you didn’t have the PS Vita on your Christmas list this year. Sony’s next-gen portable is going to reach the States or Europe until next year per an AP interview with Sony Corp. Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai. The executive acknowledged that missing the holiday season is going to be costly, “That’s when you do half your year’s sales,” he said. “This is going to prove painful for Sony.”

Sony finally took all the wraps of the PS Vita at E3 back in June after months of teasing. It’s truly an amazing portable and packed with tons of features. Mr. Hirai agrees and jabbed at the recent Nintendo 3DS price cut by stated “There is no need to lower the price just because somebody else that happens to be in the video game business decided that they were going to lower their price.” Zing!

The PS Vita will be available in two different models with the WiFi model running $249 and the 3G costing $299. The 3DS was previously priced at $249 but Nintendo just cut the price amid sorry Q2 earnings.

Sony stated at E3 that the PS Vita was to hit the global market starting at the end of 2011. But Sony is seemingly comfortable delaying its gaming products. The PS3 was delayed countless times, which ultimately hurt sales by launching a full year after the revamped Xbox 360. Only retail sales will tell if the PS Vita’s post-holiday launch will hurt the platform as a whole.