Sony Sells 321,407 PS Vitas In 2 Days, Apologizes For Technical Problems At Japan Launch

Sony has managed to sell a total of 321,407 PlayStation Vitas on December 17 (the day it was launched in Japan) and 18, Japanese video game magazine Famitsu is reporting [JP] today. This pretty solid number means that big S has sold about 46% of its initial shipment of Vitas (which is rumored to be around 700,000 units) in 48 hours.

The Famitsu says that back on December 12, 2004 (the day the PSP was launched), Sony sold a total of 166,074 units in 24 hours. Nintendo was able to sell a total of 371,326 3DS systems in the first 48 hours after launch in Japan on February 26 this year.

The positive sales figures were partly overshadowed today by early reports from Japanese Vita users complaining about technical problems. Sony Computer Entertainment reacted by issuing an official apology [JP] on its website and pushing out a software update (to version 1.5 [JP]) at the same time.

The company says that early adopters might have to deal with system freezes, difficulties with registering PSN accounts, or inaccuracies with the Vita’s GPS function.