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Morph Studio lets you make films using Stability AI–generated clips

Want to weave various Stability AI–generated video clips into a movie? Now there’s a tool for that. Morph Studio, which has its own text-to-video model, just introduced an AI filmmaking platfo

Anamorph’s generative technology reorders scenes to create unlimited versions of one film

Anamorph, a new filmmaking and technology company, announced its launch today. The startup, founded by filmmaker Gary Hustwit and digital artist Brendan Dawes, wants to reshape the cinematic experienc

OpenAI’s Sora video-generating model can render video games, too

OpenAI’s new — and first! — video-generating model, Sora, can pull off some genuinely impressive cinematographic feats. But the model’s even more capable than OpenAI initially

OpenAI’s newest model Sora can generate videos — and they look decent

OpenAI, following in the footsteps of startups like Runway and tech giants like Google and Meta, is getting into video generation. OpenAI today unveiled Sora, a generative AI model that creates video

China’s generative video race heats up

On Monday, Tencent, the Chinese internet giant known for its video gaming empire and chat app WeChat, unveiled a new version of its open source video generation model DynamiCrafter on GitHub. It&#8217

Meta brings us a step closer to AI-generated movies

Like “Avengers” director Joe Russo, I’m becoming increasingly convinced that fully AI-generated movies and TV shows will be possible within our lifetimes. A host of AI unveilings ove