Viber Desktop Launches On Windows 8

<a href="">Viber</a> has been busy lately with the launch of new revenue-generating features like <a href="

Viber Officially Launches Viber Out, Letting Users Call Mobile And Landline Numbers

Today, Viber is launching a new feature called Viber Out to its entire user base. See, Viber Out lets Viber users make calls to people who don’t have the Viber app, effectively mimicking a Skype

Viber Flips Monetization Switch, Launches Sticker Market Alongside Push-To-Talk

Viber has just released an update to version 4.0, introducing the revenue-generating sticker market for the very first time, as well as adding some new features and platform support. Along with th

Viber Opens Lines Of Communication For Philippine Typhoon Victims

Rather than delay a product still in testing, <a target="_blank" href="">Viber</a> has rolled out a new feature called Viber Out to assist in the relief effort

Viber Releases Update To BlackBerry App To Catch Up With iOS And Android

If you’re a BlackBerry fan, it may feel a bit like you can’t catch a break. But today Viber wants to change all that, delivering an updated version of the free calling and messaging app to

Taking First Steps Into Monetization, Viber Messaging App Announces A Sticker Market

Viber, the app that has promised free messaging and calls to its users since it’s inception, has today announced it’s first step into monetization. As has been the case with competing apps

Viber Updates Android App With Doodle Feature, iOS Update Coming In Next Few Weeks

<a href="">Viber</a> is today announcing an update to its Android app with a few new features, including a doodling feature that lets you draw or paint over photo

Viber Attacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Viber has confirmed a situation earlier this morning in which Viber appeared to have been hacked by the <a target="_blank" href="">Syrian Electronic

Viber Updates Desktop, Windows Phone 8 Apps With Phone-Switching Integration, Stickers, And More

Viber has just pushed an update to two of its newest versions of the app, Desktop and Windows Phone 8. If you'll recall, Viber launched a desktop version of the app back in <a href="https://beta.techc

Viber Is Testing New Revenue Models, Value-Add Features By Integrating With Traditional Telephony

<a target="_blank" href="">Viber</a> has just confirmed to TechCrunch that it is running an <em>extremely</em> limited test that would allow Viber to act as a

Skype Brings Free Video Messaging Out Of Preview, Redefines ‘Visual Voicemail’

Skype has just announced that the previously beta video messaging feature it's been testing is now a proper release feature of its Skype applications for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackB

Now 200M Users Strong, Viber Launches Desktop App With Video Calling In Version 3.0

<a target="_blank" href="">Viber</a> has made quite a name for itself as a global mobile first company, but today that all changes as the company breaks ground in the desktop spac

Viber Brings Voice Calls To BlackBerry OS (Not BB10) In Beta Update

Just a few months ago, <a href="">Skype competitor Viber</a> previewed <a href="

Saudi Arabian Government Mulls Ban Of WhatsApp, Skype And Viber Over Regulatory Requirements

Saudi Arabia is looking at a potential block of services including WhatsApp, Skype and Viber that allow VOiP, messaging and real-time chat according to the country's official press agency (via CNET).

Skype Competitor Viber Hits 175 Million Users, Up From 140 Million+ In December

Messaging startup Viber, which lets users of most smartphone platforms send free texts, calls and messages via its app, is continuing to ramp up its user-base. Speaking at the Mobile World Congress tr

Viber 2.3 For BlackBerry Launches With Emoticons, Revamped UI, And Promises Of VoIP Calling By April

Viber has just announced a relatively vanilla update to its BlackBerry app, but with a pretty awesome cherry on top. With over 150 million registered users (<a href="

Viber Adds Support For S40, Symbian And Bada After Hitting 100M Users

<a target="_blank" href="">Viber</a> has essentially been a smash hit right from its conception. The company hit <a href="https://bet

Viber Updates iPhone, Android Apps To Version 2.2: Group Messaging, Improved UI, Enhanced HD Calling

Viber has just released version 2.2 of the app for both Android and iPhone, bringing some much-requested features to the platform for the very first time including group messaging and improved call qu

With 70 Million Registered Users, Viber Brings Beta Apps To BlackBerry, Windows Phone

We've been covering Viber since the very beginning, through the launch of <a href="">a

Vibergrowth: 50 Million Users, 150 Million Calls And Nearly A Billion Text Messages Per Month

<a href="">Viber</a>, the smartphone app that lets people <a href="">call</a> and <a href="
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