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Viam looks beyond robotics with its automation platform

Since the last time we spoke, Viam didn’t pivot exactly, according to founder and CEO Eliot Horowitz — it’s more of a “rebrand.” Roughly six months ago, the Manhattan-based startup made

Viam’s robot prototyping software hits general availability

When I visited Viam’s Manhattan offices late last year, I was struck by two things. First, there’s a killer view of Lincoln Center. As the weather is getting warmer and they’re starting to do th

The last mile

I don’t love devoting the first several paragraphs of this newsletter to Amazon every week, but no one is making waves — both good and bad — in the robotics space quite like the little mom-and-p

Viam rolls out a free beta of its cloud-based robotics tools

“What a lot of people tell me is ‘hardware is hard,’” Eliot Horowitz explains. “I have a really big problem with that statement.” The Viam Robotics CEO and MongoDB co-founder describes pur