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  • Sony Vaio P doesn't quite fit, gets ridiculed by Japanese geeks

    Sony’s new subnotebook Vaio P does look like a neat little machine but several official promo shots of the device triggered a wave of mockery in the blogosphere of its home country Japan. Read More

  • Hands-on with the Sony VAIO P

    My, oh my. The Sony VAIO P is a popular netbook. After using some Peter Ha-taught ninja skills, I made my way through the crowd to this tiny netbook. Overall, the netbook feels Sony solid. The nub was a tad finicky but it works. The resolution though is astoundingly high on the small screen. I love small font but at the default setting it was too small for me. Thankfully the P Series does… Read More

  • VAIO P specs continue to seep out of the Interwebs

    Sony’s doing a damn fine job generating buzz ’bout their upcoming 8-inch netbook/UMPC with gradual leaks and such. We already knew that the VAIO Pocket will be powered by an 1.33GHz Atom CPU along with the rest of the specs. (missed that post? it was on Christmas day) The latest leak finally reveals the price and a few more technical details. Read More

  • Sony lets us look at the Vaio Pocket's keyboard

    Sony should have a very, very good product up its sleeve or otherwise they risk getting slammed by the tech blogosphere for making a huge fuzz about its soon to be released subnotebook Vaio Pocket. Read More

  • Sony Vaio Pocket: Details of Sony's new UMPC leaked

    The mysterious UMPC Sony has been advertising through a short “mystery campaign” over the last days doesn’t seem as overwhelming as Sony suggested, at least if you look at the the first details of the device that seem to have leaked on Christmas day (Sony took the page off a few hours ago). Read More

  • Sony Japan follows Sony New Zealand with mysterious new Vaio mobile ad

    Following Sony New Zealand, Sony Japan today updated its dedicated Vaio website with a mysterious announcement. If you click here [JP], you can see a woman getting out a small UMPC-like object out of her hand bag. Read More

  • Is this Sony’s upcoming netbook?

    The above image may or may not be a netbook-type computer from Sony. According to some mysterious FCC documents (which, conveniently, I can’t find anywhere were found by charliex using something called “the Google”) there are two separate model numbers — the PCG-1P1L and the PCG-1P2L – and tests have been performed on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G data connections… Read More