Sony VAIO P knockoff – the ‘VAINO’ – is a suckier, netbookier version


Outstanding. The Sony VAIO P has a knockoff in the “VAINO” – a name which seems to suggest someone beginning to say “VAIO” and then interrupted with a “No, it’s not.” Don’t be fooled with the tricky camera work here, either, because the VAINO is the size of a standard 10-inch netbook and has standard 10-inch netbook specs.

If there’s one feature that would have been a welcome knock-off, it’d be the VAIO P’s 1600×768 display. Sadly, the VAINO gives us the same, boring, “nothing-fits-right” 1024×600 resolution as the rest of the netbook marketplace. Add to that a 1.6GHz Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a 160GB hard drive, and you’ve got a regular netbook (is a netbook, is a netbook).

Here’s an actual size comparison:


The VAINO is apparently available at Chinese e-tailer M8COOL for 2599 Yuan (about $380 US). Aside from that, I can guarantee that we’ll never, ever see the VAINO here in the US due to all those fussy “laws” that we have.


[via SlashGear/UMPC Fever]