Verizon offers $200 debit card to VAIO owners


If the $900 starting price of the Sony VAIO P seems a bit high to you, especially if you’d otherwise be shelling out an additional $60 per month for 3G data, Verizon’s looking to take a wee bit of the sting out of the bottom line with a $200 mail-in rebate debit card.

The deal isn’t just for VAIO P owners, but for what appears to be any new-ish Sony VAIO notebook with an internal 3G chip (external USB or ExpressCard options don’t qualify). You’ll need to activate service through Verizon and wait a month until you can send the rebate form in, at which point Verizon will send you a $200 debit card.

The activation deadline is March 31st, so you still have plenty of time to hem and haw.

Rebate Form (PDF) [via Pocketables]