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  • This Sony Vaio P takes the style to another level

    Maybe the standard Sony Vaio P is a bit pedestrian for your taste. It’s just not enough, right? Well then. How about one covered with crocodile skin? It’s supposed to be a digital clutch anyway. Read More

  • 8-inch screen, accelerometer: Sony takes the wraps off its updated Vaio P

    Sony Europe today unveiled their newest version of the “ultra-mobile PC” VAIO P, which was teased by the company late last month. And apart from a new design and fresh colors, Sony added quite a number of interesting features and functions. Read More

  • Sony VAIO P gets a Windows 7 makeover

    Remember when the first VAIO P came out and everyone was like, “I can’t believe it has Vista! That angers me! I am currently outraged!” – something along those lines? Well now it has Windows 7 and comes in four different models ranging in price from $850 to $1900. Read More

  • Sony VAIO P heading to Verizon for $300 with contract?

    This is still a rumor at this point, but Phone Arena is reporting that Verizon may soon be offering Sony’s 8-inch “not-a-netbook” VAIO P for $300 with a two-year data contract. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sony VAIO P with 1.6GHz CPU, 128GB SSD for $1000

    Presumably to make way for the updated VAIO P line that’s due to hit this fall, Sony’s got a $500 coupon code for you to use on the good (better?) version of the existing VAIO P model – the one with a 1.6GHz Atom CPU and 128GB solid state drive. Read More

  • Sony readying new VAIO P line for late fall

    Sony’s “not-a-netbook” VAIO P series will be getting refreshed this fall, according to company officials. While details on the actual specs are scant at the moment, we can likely expect a bit more horsepower as Sony is promising significantly faster boot times over the current crop of VAIO P devices that can take almost a minute and a half to load up Windows. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Sony VAIO P for $699

    Sony’s “don’t call it a netbook!” VAIO P gets a somewhat more manageable price tag at Staples from now until Saturday. Instead of paying $900 just about everywhere else, you can grab it for just $700 thanks to a $120 price break followed by $80 in instant savings. Read More

  • Sony upgrades the Vaio P, ditches Vista for Windows XP

    Good to see that, sometimes, even the biggest tech companies can come to their senses. Today Sony in Japan announced a new Vaio P model, the Vaio P50 [JP], which comes with Windows XP SP3 instead of the hopelessly wrong Vista Sony shipped their Ps with so far. Read More

  • The must have Sony VAIO P case by Vaja

    If you’re going to drop the coin on a Sony VAIO P, you better get a case. And it should be one of these from Vaja. Read More

  • Rumor: VAIO P spec bumps coming?

    Sony’s “don’t call it a netbook” VAIO P may be getting an internal makeover by the summer according to the all-things-Sony blog, Sony Insider. The current VAIO series model numbers have naming conventions such as “VGN-P530H/G” and Sony Insider was able to dig up six mysterious model numbers that look similar to the current ones, but place them in the 700… Read More

  • Lenovo gets ‘P’ envy, shows Sony-like prototype

    Well hello there, Lenovo. Who knows what in the hell this thing really is, aside from the fact that it looks an awful lot like Sony’s don’t-call-it-a-netbook VAIO P. According to a translated version of Engadget Chinese, “A friend in Beijing in Beijing greeted the IBM Lenovo office. I think it is the concept of Lenovo machine, or even just a model can not be changed. The… Read More

  • Sony VAIO P knockoff – the ‘VAINO’ – is a suckier, netbookier version

    Outstanding. The Sony VAIO P has a knockoff in the “VAINO” – a name which seems to suggest someone beginning to say “VAIO” and then interrupted with a “No, it’s not.” Don’t be fooled with the tricky camera work here, either, because the VAINO is the size of a standard 10-inch netbook and has standard 10-inch netbook specs. Read More

  • Big in Japan: Sony Vaio P is the best netbook, newspaper says

    Sony’s foray into the growing netbook market with the Vaio P (which Sony itself doesn’t call a netbook) caused considerable interest in the blogosphere, especially in Japan. And it’s the best netbook in that country. This is at least what a report by Japan’s biggest business newspaper, The Nikkei, suggests. Read More

  • It Works: Sony VAIO P + Windows XP

    Do you want to install Windows XP on your Sony VAIO P (don’t call it a netbook!)? Do you even have a Sony VAIO P yet? If you answered yes to both questions, read on. Read More

  • Sony VAIO P up for pre-order at Best Buy has the Sony VAIO P (don’t call it a netbook!) in a rainbow of fashionable colors up for pre-order. It’s an online-only affair but let’s say, for the sake or argument, you have a Best Buy credit card and you want to take advantage of 18-month interest-free financing. Read More

  • Verizon offers $200 debit card to VAIO owners

    If the $900 starting price of the Sony VAIO P seems a bit high to you, especially if you’d otherwise be shelling out an additional $60 per month for 3G data, Verizon’s looking to take a wee bit of the sting out of the bottom line with a $200 mail-in rebate debit card. Read More

  • Sony VAIO P now shipping to American geeks

    Netbook or not, Sony is going to sell a bunch of the VAIO P little lappies and it seems at least some early orders are being shipped. Sony is probably starting with the pre-orders and working their way from there. Originally, the P was suppose to ship sometime in February, but the FedEx man should probably drop a few of off sometime before the end of this month. Anyone order one? Read More

  • Sony VAIO P: Almost 3.5 minutes from boot to browser

    What do you get when you combine a 1.33GHz CPU, a 4200rpm hard drive, 2GB of RAM, and Windows Vista Home in a tiny computer? As Akihabara found out, you get to wait almost three and a half minutes to get on the internet when booting the machine. Read More

  • The Sony VAIO P unboxed

    The Sony VAIO P is only available for pre-order here in the States, but the lucky chaps at Akihabara News already have a retail model right from Sony. In true Internet geek fashion they have a large unboxing slideshow for your gadget pr0n fetish. Go get ’em while their hot. Read More

  • The 'don't call it a netbook' Sony VAIO P is now available for pre-order

    If the svelte VAIO P is your next computer, Sony has now started the pre-order. Sony is ready to take your money even though the little lappy will not ship until February. Read More