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This Sony Vaio P takes the style to another level

<img src="">Maybe the standard <a href="">Sony Vaio P</a> is a bit pedestrian for your taste. It'

8-inch screen, accelerometer: Sony takes the wraps off its updated Vaio P

<img src="" /> Sony Europe today <a href="">u

Sony VAIO P gets a Windows 7 makeover

Sony VAIO P heading to Verizon for $300 with contract?

<img src="">This is still a rumor at this point, but Phone Arena is reporting that Verizon may soon be offering Sony’s 8-inch

CrunchDeals: Sony VAIO P with 1.6GHz CPU, 128GB SSD for $1000

<img src="" alt="VAIO P" />Presumably to make way for the updated VAIO P line <a href="

Sony readying new VAIO P line for late fall

<img src="" alt="VAIO P" />Sony's "not-a-netbook" VAIO P series will be getting refreshed this fall, according to company officials. Wh

CrunchDeals: Sony VAIO P for $699

<img src="" alt="VAIO P" />Sony's "don't call it a netbook!" VAIO P gets a somewhat more manageable price tag at Staples from now until

Sony upgrades the Vaio P, ditches Vista for Windows XP

<img src="" /> Good to see that, sometimes, even the biggest tech companies can come to their senses. Today Sony in Japan anno

The must have Sony VAIO P case by Vaja

If you’re going to drop the coin on a Sony VAIO P, you better get a case. And it should be one of these from Vaja.

Rumor: VAIO P spec bumps coming?

<img src="">Sony’s “don’t call it a netbook” VAIO P may be getting an internal makeover by the summer according to the all-things

Lenovo gets ‘P’ envy, shows Sony-like prototype

<img src="">Well hello there, Lenovo. Who knows what in the hell this thing really is, aside from the fact that it looks an awful lo

Sony VAIO P knockoff – the ‘VAINO’ – is a suckier, netbookier version

<img src="">Outstanding. The Sony VAIO P has a knockoff in the “VAINO” – a name which seems to suggest someone be

Big in Japan: Sony Vaio P is the best netbook, newspaper says

<img src="" /> Sony's foray into the growing netbook market with the <a href=""

It Works: Sony VAIO P + Windows XP

<img src="">Do you want to install Windows XP on your Sony VAIO P (don’t call it a netbook!)? Do you even have a Sony VAIO P yet? If yo

Sony VAIO P up for pre-order at Best Buy

<img src=""> has the Sony VAIO P (don’t call it a netbook!) in a rainbow of fashionable colors up for pre-order. It’s an on

Verizon offers $200 debit card to VAIO owners

<img src="">If the $900 starting price of the Sony VAIO P seems a bit high to you, especially if you’d otherwise be shelling out an add

Sony VAIO P now shipping to American geeks

<img src="">Netbook or not, Sony is going to sell a bunch of the <a href="

Sony VAIO P: Almost 3.5 minutes from boot to browser

<img src="">What do you get when you combine a 1.33GHz CPU, a 4200rpm hard drive, 2GB of RAM, and Windows Vista Home in a tiny computer? As Akihabara foun

The Sony VAIO P unboxed

<img src=""> The <a href="">Sony VAIO P</a> is only available for pre-order here in the States,

The 'don't call it a netbook' Sony VAIO P is now available for pre-order

<img src=""> If the svelte <a href="">VAIO P</a> is your next compute
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