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Tamatebako: Fujitsu's self-destruct USB memory finally goes on sale (in Japan)

<img src="" /> Do you remember the cool <a href="

Corsair's new high-speed thumb drive holds 128GB, is whale-like

<img src="" />Lord! It's big as a man! Corsair's new Voyager GT looks like a red-and-black beluga whale. <a href="

Maxell's new flash media seems to be doing it right

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DIY: Old-timey Apple thumb drive

<img src="" alt="pendrive" />If you're sick -- SICK! -- of all these new Apple fanatics and you want to show them all that you've been a di

Hands-on: LaCie iamaKey flash drive

Hold up, LaCie has something here. The iamaKey flash drive is actually novel and worth your time. I like it.

Kingston bumps thumbdrive capacities to 64GB

Damn, these things are getting out of control! There’s not much to say on this front other than this little drive holds sixteen times the data my little HyperX DataTraveler does. At this point o

Review: High Speed USB thumbdrive cage match

You may have seen our review of the Kingston DataTraveler HyperX high-speed thumbdrive. If so, you’ll remember how it proved itself far superior to the peasant drives I put it up against. Well,

Star Wars Mimobots

Star Wars + USB flash drives = Awesome. [photopress:IMGP4725.JPG,thumb,pp_image] Mimoco

Buffalo lands 32GB USB drive with magical powers

Looking in every way what a robot couple’s home pregnancy test would, Buffalo has just announced a 32GB USB thumb drive that its advertising as 20% faster than other USB drives because of someth

Candle-like USB drive holder design, more than meets the eye

I’m sure you have like two or thee USB drives at this point (“perhaps more than that, Nicholas”) and rather than throw them in a drawer somewhere, why not plug them into this imagina

The Flash Drive Round-up

It is Spring, and a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of flash drives. What better way to celebrate these miniscule storage devices than by rounding up four flash drives and comparing them in

Secret Agent Man

Here’s some more goodness from the homeland, Sunyang DNT has just released the Volvox (you don’t know how hard it is for me not to laugh out loud right now). This clever little USB memory

Record Online FM With Instant FM Music

Instant FM Music is a USB drive that can record music from FM and Web stations, so that you can identify the song and play it back later on your MP3 player or PC. It uses Snaptune One software to iden

Kingston DataTraveler Secure, Secure–Privacy Edition: Encrypted, Rugged For Your Protection

It’s pretty simple really: Kingston makes good flash-memory USB drives. Kingston takes said drives, encases them in titanium-coated stainless steel making them waterproof to depths up to four fe