Corsair's new high-speed thumb drive holds 128GB, is whale-like

Lord! It’s big as a man! Corsair’s new Voyager GT looks like a red-and-black beluga whale. I reviewed the old Voyager GT and found it to be as fast as they claimed, but that thing was actually the size of a thumb, unlike this monster. Look at it!

I have no reason to doubt it’s as fast as its predecessors, and damn is 128GB a lot to have in your pocket. But man, that thing looks chubby. They couldn’t have found a better angle?

To be fair, it’s not really meant as a thumbdrive; those are getting so small that they’re more thumbnail drives at this point. The Voyager GT is more of a replacement for those compact 2.5″ external hard drives that draw more power, heat up, and are actually significantly larger than this thing (though it has to be said, more elegantly styled). Do you really want to take a paperback-sized thing with you everywhere because you need access to more than a few gigs of data? Corsair would like to you reconsider and take one of these things instead.