unicorn valuations

The most valuable startups are getting closer to profitability, but at a cost

At some point we have to acknowledge that the worst is behind us, and any remaining malaise is potentially psychosomatic.

The unicorn valuation gambit

Many unicorns are avoiding reality by not raising today, hoping that valuations recover and growth reattains its prior market prominence. Will it work?

So you have a 380x revenue multiple — now what?

The question for Bolt is what sort of multiple it has to obtain to reach market-pricing parity.

Yep, startup prices are falling

New data provides more evidence that what Instacart went through earlier this year could prove to be more harbinger of what's to come than a one-off datapoint.

EquityZen’s Phil Haslett on how startup valuations can regain their moxie

We're closing out Q1 as we speak, which means earnings season is yet again around the corner. That means another raft of chances for prior tech darlings on the public markets to reset the narrative.