• Ukrainian Students Win Microsoft’s Imagine Cup With Their Sign Language-To-Speech Translation Gloves

    Ukrainian Students Win Microsoft’s Imagine Cup With Their Sign Language-To-Speech Translation Gloves

    During an awards ceremony in Sydney today, Ukraine’s team quadSquad won this year’s Microsoft Imagine Cup student technology competition thanks to its gloves that can translate sign language into speech. The team beat out 75 other teams that made it to the worldwide finals in Australia where they had to present their projects in front of a group of judges. This was… Read More

  • Ukrainian Students Develop Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Speech

    Ukrainian Students Develop Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Speech

    There is no dearth of impressive student projects here at the finals of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup in Sydney, but one of the six finalists that caught my attention was a project called EnableTalk by the Ukrainian team QuadSquad. There are currently about 40 million deaf, mute and deaf-mute people and many of them use sign language to communicate, but there are very few people who… Read More

  • Holy crap – the Ukranians have robots

    Fair warning to anyone trying to do evil in Odessa, Ukraine – they have a giant robot guarding the port. While he doesn’t seem to move much, I don’t think he has to. This silent sentry warns anyone coming in to Odessa to be good, or he will smite you with his mighty steel rod. Read More

  • G-Recorder records Skype calls to Gmail – get your discount code here

    [Ukraine] We know Skype is a great tool. It has over 500 million users worldwide. But even Skype has some feature gaps. In fact Skype has no internal call recording capabilities so that produced a variety of call recorders in the Skype ecosystem – from complex to buggy, from expensive to free. But what is the most common characteristic of the tools? They lock users into the computers… Read More

  • Divine converts a Photoshop design into a blog in seconds

    [Ukraine] Divine is a site which converts any Photoshop design to a fully functional theme for WordPress CMS in several seconds. And it doesn’t require deep knowledge of technical HTML details or Photoshop skills. That makes it pretty unusual. Since August 2009 30,000 users have installed the Divine plugin. Near 800 beta testers suggested approx. 245 ideas and near half of the ideas… Read More

  • Ukrainians crash-test their startups every month. Do you?

    [Ukraine] The 10th Startup Crash Test event took place on February 29 in Kiev, Ukraine. Startup Crash Test (SCT) is a monthly event aimed at “stress testing” Ukrainian web-related startups’ market strategy, business model, distribution, roadmap, etc. Apart from that, each SCT event provides pre-selected startups with feedback and practical advice. SCT also brings together… Read More

  • Opera Mini rocks mobile browsing, according to Opera

    According to Opera’s monthly State of the Mobile Web report, smartphone users aren’t the only ones enjoying mobile browsing. Worldwide, six of most popular phones for browsing using Opera’s Mini are from Nokia, two are from Sony Ericsson, one is from RIM and one is from Samsung. Though in the U.S., nine of the top 10 phones using Opera Mini are BlackBerrys. The report can… Read More

  • Ukrainian hacker runs for office, would like to be having date with your sister

    Dmitri Ivanovich Golubov aka Script has started the Internet Party of Ukraine and is running for office in Kiev. Script, 24, was arrested in 2005 for creating, a forum dedicated to sharing credit and debit card numbers. “I belong to a rare category of people who go into politics is not for the profit, but for the sake of ideas,” Golubov wrote in a (rough… Read More