• Lenovo kills off the U1, switches internal OS out for Android in future devices

    It appears that Lenovo’s U1 hybrid tablet/laptop, which we saw at CES, is being scuppered. My guess is that the Skylight OS, a custom implementation of Linux, just wasn’t good enough to compete with the tablets on the market — and possibly the cost of continuing to support such a project was too much. Whatever the case, the U1 is off the table, as is the Skylight… Read More

  • Panasonic gets rugged with Atom: 4-foot drop approved!

    Today Panasonic introduced the U1, an Ultramobile ruggedized handheld Toughbook designed for on the go computing. Created for in-the-field professionals, the super durable notebook weighs in at just over 2 lbs. By using Intel’s Atom processor the U1 gets a full-blown processor, allowing for a full-featured OS. Panasonic announced the new notebook onstage today at IDF, marking the point… Read More