• When Did You Tweet That? Twistory Improves Google Calendar Support

    When Did You Tweet That? Twistory Improves Google Calendar Support

    Twistory, which lets people save their tweet backlog to their favorite calendaring application, has finally come through with full support for popular Web-based calendaring service Google Calendar. You can now subscribe to Twistory using your existing Twitter account and automatically view in Google Calendar when you’ve tweeted what. Up until now, compatibility with Google Calendar was… Read More

  • Twistory Puts Your Tweets In Your Calendar, Lets You Export Them For A Fee

    Ever tried to look up that hilariously funny, wicked smart or straight up historic message you tweeted at that birthday party about three weeks ago? Yeah, good luck finding it if you’re not using a tool like Twistory. As we wrote when we first featured the app nearly three years ago, the app lets you subscribe to (public) messages from any Twitter user, including your own, in any… Read More

  • You Didn't Realize It, But You Really Want Those Twitter Messages In Your Calendar

    Belgium-based Twistory launched into private beta today at MobileWebCamp. It’s a very simple tool, built by Tijs Vrolix to show off his coding and design skills: Subscribe to messages from any Twitter user in any popular desktop or online calendaring application (iCal, Google Calendar, etc.). Those messages are then automatically added to the calendar, at the appropriate day and… Read More