Twistory Puts Your Tweets In Your Calendar, Lets You Export Them For A Fee

Ever tried to look up that hilariously funny, wicked smart or straight up historic message you tweeted at that birthday party about three weeks ago? Yeah, good luck finding it if you’re not using a tool like Twistory.

As we wrote when we first featured the app nearly three years ago, the app lets you subscribe to (public) messages from any Twitter user, including your own, in any popular desktop or online calendaring application (iCal, Google Calendar, etc.).

The app has amassed over 40,000 users by now, creator Tijs Vrolix tells me, and he felt it was time for an upgrade.

The update is now complete, bringing better performance and better stability to the tool. Try it: once you authorize Twistory to access your tweets, you’ll see tweets for the past 30 days appear on the appropriate date and time in your favorite calendar application, within seconds.

In the interest of making some money, Twistory now also boasts a premium version. For $1 a month, that Pro version of the tool lets you export your entire Twitter backlog as a CSV file, which Vrolix says was probably the most often user-requested feature.

Note that the backlog is limited to 3,200 tweets due to Twitter-imposed API limitations.

Next on the roadmap: support for retweets.