• Look Mom, Cooliris Is On!

    I don’t know about you, but I have a male geek crush on Cooliris, the startup behind this splendid technology that enables users to browse photos and videos from the Web, their desktops or their iPhone devices in a visually attractive 3D manner that one really has to try to get a feel of how amazing that can be. Publishers are starting to notice that too, and are increasingly turning to… Read More

  • Joost Continues Fight For Relevancy, Teams Up With Social Network Netlog

    Don’t count out Joost just yet. We recently wrote it still has a heartbeat despite the fact they made the wrong bet years ago by underestimating the power of the web for watching videos. They finally switched to Flash late last year, giving up on P2P, and introduced some social networking features around the video viewing experience to battle established players like Hulu, and… Read More

  • CBS Interactive: "Well Within Our Rights To Stream Hulu Content"

    We broke the story of Hulu pulling the content plug out of earlier this week, and two days ago we also reported that content owners forced Boxee to stop streaming Hulu content as well. Now the owners of, CBS Interactive, have responded with a message that sparked the Wall Street Journal to headline an article on the reaction “CBS Strikes Back at Hulu”. What did… Read More

  • Did Hulu Just Pull The Plug On Its Deal With

    Something is up at, the CBS-owned site that recently relaunched as a competitor to Hulu. Since last summer, when was owned by CNET and was still primarily a community hub, the site has featured content from NBC and News Corp through a partnership with Hulu. Now, only two months after relaunched as a CBS-supported direct competitor to the popular media portal, it looks… Read More

  • to get redesigned as a Hulu competitor

    Hulu overcame incredible initial criticism to become the golden child of revenue generating video sites. CBS has been eyeing the NBC success story and reportably has big plans for CNET lauched said website back in ’05, but CBS recently aquired the company, along with its websites, earlier this year. The report indicates CBS wants to add full length episodes, but keep the… Read More

  • Overview: The End of Paper TV Guides

    A few years ago, online TV guides were just a paperless version of what was arriving in the mail or the middle of Sunday papers. Today, however, as we get closer to the world of TV over IP and video on demand in every home, the space is evolving, giving customers more than they can get in paper. At the same time, advertisers are realizing that TV guides with demographically targeted… Read More