Did Hulu Just Pull The Plug On Its Deal With TV.com?

Something is up at TV.com, the CBS-owned site that recently relaunched as a competitor to Hulu. Since last summer, when TV.com was owned by CNET and was still primarily a community hub, the site has featured content from NBC and News Corp through a partnership with Hulu. Now, only two months after TV.com relaunched as a CBS-supported direct competitor to the popular media portal, it looks like much (if not all) of the content served through Hulu is no longer working.

Both clips and full episodes formerly supplied through the agreement simply present a note stating “video unavailable”. It’s possible that this is just a technical glitch – TV.com would have likely removed any links to the episodes entirely if the agreement had come to an end. But the videos have been unavailable since at least this morning, which seems like a long time to fix a bug. And other video sites like Comcast’s Fancast and Sling.com seem to be serving Hulu content just fine.

If Hulu has in fact ceased its agreement with TV.com, it would be a big blow to the rapidly growing site. TV.com does offer other content, including shows from CBS, MGM, Sony, Endemol, USA, PBS and Showtime, but many fan-favorites are still found on NBC, Fox, and other networks Hulu has partnered with.

We’ve attempted to contact Hulu about the issue, and will update the post as soon as we hear back.