• Guy Kawasaki Formally Launches Alltop. Wow, It's Bad.

    Last year Guy Kawasaki launched Truemors on the cheap (he spent $13,000), which is at least pointing the right way on Today he follows up with a sequel, AllTop. It’s a…well, it’s a RSS reader I guess. We actually wrote about this a month ago, but now it’s formal (the Chris Shipley quote cracks me up). The home page lists a number of categories. Each links to… Read More

  • Truemors For Facebook

    Guy Kawasaki’s Truemors is testing out a new version of the service for Facebook. This is a very different application from, which is a sort of Digg for rumors. TFF is an application to spread rumors just with your friends, or a subset of friends: TFF is very different from Our site is for you to “tell the world,” so if you post something at… Read More

  • Truemors Launches

    Truemors, Guy Kawasaki’s new startup, opened to the public about an hour ago. We covered them last week when we were able to get into the beta. Truemors is a rumor reporting site. Users text, email or call in a rumor and other users vote on it. Popular rumors make it to the home page. Top “truemors” right now: NBC to launch Heroes spinoff, a public scandal involving an… Read More

  • Screen Shot of Truemors: Guy Kawasaki's Rumor Service

    We mentioned Guy Kawasaki’s newest venture, Truemors, last week along with some early comments we got from the private beta testers (“rumor reporting bulletin board with twitter-like capabilities”). We’ve now gotten into the private beta via some “borrowed” credentials and have had a look around for ourselves. The site, which is built on the WordPress… Read More

  • Guy Kawasaki's Newest Venture: Truemors

    The secret startup Guy Kawasaki has been working on will be called Truemors, a source tells us. The site is currently password protected, but Kawasaki has recently posted on his blog saying he’s looking for “people who are in the flow of interesting and true rumors.” The service will be a “rumor reporting bulletin board with twitter-like capabilities.” Look for… Read More