Screen Shot of Truemors: Guy Kawasaki's Rumor Service

We mentioned Guy Kawasaki’s newest venture, Truemors, last week along with some early comments we got from the private beta testers (“rumor reporting bulletin board with twitter-like capabilities”).

We’ve now gotten into the private beta via some “borrowed” credentials and have had a look around for ourselves. The site, which is built on the WordPress platform, is a category-based rumor site where anyone can phone, text or email in a rumor.

The company has partnered with Spinvox to allow people to leave rumors by voice. Spinvox then converts them to text for posting on the site.

You can call 1-650-329-2020 and leave your own rumor, if you wish. Text messages should be sent in the following format: Text “2020 ” to 55022. Rumors can also be posted to

Once rumors are on the site, other users can leave comments and vote it up or down. Like Digg, all new postings are listed for people to review and vote on. If enough people think a rumor is interesting, it makes it to a top list (the equivalent of the Digg home page).

Click on the screen shot to see a full size version.