• Trainline buys Captain Train for up to $189 million

    Trainline buys Captain Train for up to $189 million

    We hear a lot about how companies like Uber are transforming car-based transportation, but today comes news of another play in the sector, this time covering rail services. Trainline, a U.K.-based ticket service for railway and long-distance bus journeys, has acquired Captain Train, a Paris-based competitor that sells tickets for rail journeys on the continent, in what sources close to the… Read More

  • Wanderu Lets You Book Bus And Train Tickets From Your iPhone

    Wanderu Lets You Book Bus And Train Tickets From Your iPhone

    Wanderu, a travel startup that’s like a but for bus and train tickets instead of flights, is today making its service available for the first time as a mobile application. Launching first on iOS, the new app allows travelers to quickly find, price out, and then book tickets to their preferred destination, optionally saving their personal information along the way as well as… Read More

  • For men on trains: Japanese company sells anti-groping gloves

    Groping women in trains (or anywhere, really) isn’t only happening in Japan, but this country with its big cities with trains that are full of people (=easy bait for gropers) everyday has a particularly big problem with molesters. It’s a crime, and it’s reported 2,000 times yearly to police stations in Tokyo alone, prompting a big Japanese railway operator to think about… Read More

  • Japan soon gets new super-fast train

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries plans to develop Japan’s fastest train [JP], which is expected to achieve a speed of 350km per hour. The current record for the Shinkansen, this country’s bullet train, stands at about 300kph. Kawasaki says their so-called efSET (environmentally friendly Super Express Train) will also be more energy efficient, less noisy and offer a better riding… Read More

  • Man follows GPS directions onto train tracks, car destroyed

    Someone’s been recreating episodes of “The Office” in his spare time. A California man drove into a Metro North commuter train last night in upstate New York because “the GPS system [told] him to turn right, and he [turned] right onto the railroad tracks.” You read that right. Because the GPS “told him” to turn right, he turned right then had his… Read More