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Amazon’s ‘Top Gear’ car show to be called The Grand Tour

The (in)famous former Top Gear presenter trio: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, who last summer signed to Amazon's Prime video streaming platform to make a new car show this year, have

Top Gear’s Old Crew Signs With Amazon For New Show

The original trio behind popular U.K. TV show Top Gear will be back sooner rather than later as they signed a deal with Amazon. Amazon Prime members in the U.K. will be able to stream the new car show

Top Gear USA To Have A Stig

<img src="" />The much anticipated <a href="">Top Gear</a> USA debuts this fal

Some Say He Can Fly. All We Know Is, He's Called The Stig Copter!

Here’s something you might have missed if you’re not in the UK. Top Gear is one of the most popular television programs in the world. With over 350 million viewers, it’s actually fai

Video (maybe): Top Gear breaks production car speed record with Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (but then that record is broken)

<img src="" />A few days ago we learned that the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is now <a HREF="

Video: Top Gear teases Apple over iPhone 4 antenna problems

<img src="">Some people say... the iPhone 4 is a piece of junk. The latest episode of the greatest show on television, <a href="http:

Top Gear ‘hints’ at record-breaking Bugatti Veyron Super Sport involvement

<img src="" />Now <i>this</i> is exciting. If you visit Top Gear's Web site, you'll notice a story about the record-breaking <a HR

Japan's bullet train might soon be speeding through the South

Right now, there is $8 billion dollars sitting in an account ready to be used to be used for a high-speed passenger-train line in the States and the Central Japan Railway Co. is attempting to get its

Top Gear to finally be shot and produced in HD

<img src=""><em><a href="">Top Gear</a></em> is a CrunchGear staff favorite. Even Nicholas who a

James May's Lego House has been demolished, try not to cry

What a shame. The LEGO house has been demolished just weeks after completion for James May’s other show, Toy Stories. (He’s known as Captain Slow on Top Gear, too)

This guy is building Top Gear's James May a Lego house

<img src="" />We're normally not too keen on Lego stuff, but we'll make an exception in the interest of camaraderie. Plus, it involves

Top Gear to build super-high mileage car for only $7k

Top Gear is out to show the world that you don’t need a brand new hybrid car with a $25k price tag to be eco friendly. Their goal: Build a car that can get 70 mpg for only $7,000 and can hit 60

Th!nk City Car reviewed Top Gear-style

<img src="">Oh man, I love me some <a href="">Top Gear</a>. The cinematography is great, the

Tesla accuses Top Gear of foul play in roadster test

<img src="" /> In case you missed it, British auto show <em>Top Gear</em> took a <a href="

Top Gear throws around the Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is a must-have vehicle for any Californian-based venture capitalist or Silicon Valley suit. The Top Gear crew took the electric roadster and ran it through the paces. I don’