Video: Top Gear teases Apple over iPhone 4 antenna problems


Some people say… the iPhone 4 is a piece of junk. The latest episode of the greatest show on television, Top Gear, made mention of the issue that has captured the world’s attention: the shoddy craftsmanship of the iPhone 4. You know a story is huge when Jeremy Clarkson and Co. devote valuable airtime to it.

You’ll recall that the iPhone 4 basically dies when held in a certain position. Apple, after initially not saying much, blamed the problem on a software glitch.

That was the story until yesterday, when Consumer Reports, the publication with a bulletproof reputation, published its findings. According to its engineers, yes, there is something wrong the iPhone 4, and it’s a little more serious than a mere software glitch.

Until Apple fixes this mess, Consumer Reports says you’re better off buying an iPhone 3GS.

There goes my theory that Steve Jobs is The Stig.