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It’s foie gras season in unicorn land

EquityZen shared insights on secondary stock sales and a few IPO predictions that gave us food for thought.

ChatGPT isn’t putting me out of a job yet, but it’s very good fun

I had to see if I was in near-term employment trouble, so I ran a little test with the ChatGPT model. Here are the results.

How Up.Labs threads the needle between corporate venture capital and accelerators

Up.Labs thinks its pitch to founding teams is attractive: It has a known problem, a customer waiting and capital to help get things going.

Series A rounds are looking a little crunchy in the United States

For seed-stage founders, the steep fundraising road now has two guard towers placed at the A and C stages.

As tech companies seek to limit losses, a reminder of how far some have to go

If Bilibili and Twilio are enduring headaches as investors molt from growth-oriented to more profit-focused beasts, how much harder will it be for startups?

A scale story: TechCrunch’s parent company links up with Taboola

Taboola expects to get bigger, more profitable and more self-sustaining than before thanks to Yahoo.

Efficient growth? No problem, bootstrapped startups say

When it comes to efficient growth, bootstrapped startups have a leg up, Capchase's recent Pulse of SaaS report shows.

Has the FTX mess iced venture interest in crypto?

Many folks building or investing in blockchain-based assets and protocols have kept their chins up amid a series of crises. But what do the numbers tell us?

How startups can lower their chance of a down round in a downturn

Forge data provides a fascinating lens into how fast things changed and offers advice to startups when it comes to taking lumps in the fundraising market.

Are tech valuations artificially low, or are we simply returning to reality?

How conservative are today's valuations when compared to the norms of recent years?

Series C is the new venture-startup bottleneck

New data from Carta indicates that Series C is the current, and real, bottleneck in Venture Land, which means that this is the new crunch point for startups looking to raise their next tranche of cash

You shouldn’t skim over gross dollar retention

For SaaS companies, net dollar retention is on investor radar more than ever. But it shouldn't eclipse gross dollar retention.

Quantifying the global e-commerce slowdown

What do recent e-commerce earnings results tell us about the post-pandemic e-commerce reality?

Maybe FTX was the real poster child for 2021’s startup excess

FTX's bankruptcy filing speaks volumes about how quickly venture capitalists dropped their own advice to secure a seat on a rocket they were hoping would only go up. It did not.

How Bird clipped its own wings

It recently came to light that Bird, a former unicorn in the once-hot scooter rental market, overstated its revenue for years. The accounting mess is consequential.

There’s still juice in the NFT market despite very real downturn

What does OpenSea's trading volume look like these days? Are other data points trending differently?

The startup and venture markets are coming back to square one

It's becoming clearer that whatever the hell happened in the past couple of years no new-normal. It was just a party that has since wound down.

Freemium or free trials: Why not both?

As more SaaS companies adopt product-led growth, startup founders are often faced with a pricing model dilemma.

As the economy shifts, what’s the best software customer?

We wonder if SMB-facing companies might have more ability to surprise the market than their enterprise-leaning siblings.

As inflation slows, did we just see the bottom for tech stocks?

Slower rate increases would shift the calculus for investors, making assets like stocks — and tech stocks in particular — more attractive.
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