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Europe’s deep tech depends on university spinouts

Deep tech has become a hot topic in Europe. One of the key arguments: European countries have great universities and talent. But how can academic talent translate into startups?

As Klarna looks to raise more capital, is it cutting its valuation enough?

No one likes a down round. They are dilutive, messy and demoralizing. But they are also miles better than not raising money and dying, so companies raise them when required.

North American and European insurtechs are recalibrating after a blockbuster 2021

Let’s explore insurtech activity in both North America and Europe, compare recent results and look ahead to what could be coming.

The one-chart argument that tech valuations have fallen too far

The 2019-2022 share price parity allows us to determine if Okta is on the receiving end of a potentially unfair shellacking.

Just how overpriced are crypto startups?

What's the value of crypto startups now that Coinbase has been repriced and its underlying market in the crypto-equivalent of a recession?’s earnings are a vibe check for unicorns is a good example of how SaaS companies are being graded along a much steeper curve than they once were.

Does Elon Musk really even want to buy Twitter?

Things between Musk and Twitter have been rocky, with its potential acquirer taking to the company's service to, variously, complain, prod, and backtrack.

How quickly are startup layoffs accelerating?

Startup layoffs are back, and the damage is starting to add up.

Corporate venture investors pulled back in Q1 but less than you imagined

Looking at the changing pace of CVC activity, geographic trends and more.

On non-founder CEOs, turnarounds and priorities

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As FTX’s CEO eyes Robinhood, will we see crypto exchanges move into equities trading?

Would Coinbase be better off with a less fundamentalist stance and more diversified revenue streams? Yes? That would be the standard business advice?

VC investment into crypto startups peaked right before everything went to hell

We learned this week that crypto investors should have known better, at least a little. Let's talk about data, declines and early warning signs.

Coinbase’s difficult Q1 results complicate market for crypto startups

Last night, Coinbase's first-quarter earnings report sent its already-depressed stock plummeting, causing the former public-market darling's shares to dive below the $100 per-share mark.

As markets shift, Mercado Libre’s falling share price shows no company is safe

What then can we learn from Mercado Libre’s earnings report and ensuing valuation decline?

Hey look, another downturn

Paper unicorns are going to fold this year if their financial origami doesn't yield something truly surprising.

A changing of the guard

Welcome to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s inspired by the daily TechCrunch+ column where it gets its name. Want it in your inbox every Saturday? Sign up 

The venture slowdown isn’t coming — it’s here

Venture capital dollar volume, as tracked by Crunchbase News, peaked in November 2021. Since then, the value of venture investments has ticked lower, dropping another $5 billion from March to April.

Will the corporate venture boom lead to an M&A frenzy?

Why recent CVC activity combined with the current climate for startups could result in a more active M&A market.

Here’s how far startup valuations fell in Q1 2022

A dataset from Carta, a unicorn whose software helps companies manage their cap table, showed valuations are in decline, but not evenly.

Who’s profiting from the Bored Ape digital land sale?

We can see that the Yuga Labs world represents a large portion of the aggregate NFT market as we understand it. Is there a bit too much centralization there?
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