• Happy Birthday, Tetris

    Happy Birthday, Tetris

    Tetris is much more fun than current games. Today, we celebrate Tetris’ 30th birthday. I’m sure all of you already know Tetris, its catchy music theme, and the frustration of seeing bricks pile up on the screen. Invented in 1984 by Alexei Pajitnov in the Soviet Union, the game became extremely popular when Nintendo released it on the Game Boy in 1989. It was one of the launch titles… Read More

  • Play Tetris Through The Kinect

    This isn’t the first Kinect Tetris hack out there. In fact I wouldn’t call it the most elegant. But it’s certainly one of the most intense and bordering on exercise. It looks like P90x meets Nintendo, which makes me wonder if it’s awesome or work. Click through for the video. Read More

  • Edible Concept: Tetris Sugar Cubes

    I believe I saw something like this a year back that looked like it was created by licking normal sugar cubes and sticking them together, forming tetrads. As fun as that sounds, I’d just as soon have my Tetris pieces fully formed right out of the bag. That’s what this concept from Danil Zdorov aims to do. Read More

  • Tetris creator has been working on true multiplayer Tetris for "more than 10 years"

    Tetris is among the most widely-played games in history. So why is it that relatively few (in my experience) have every truly played it with another person? Probably because the multiplayer Tetris variants have been — well, more hacks than anything else. Sure, linked Gameboy Tetris was awesome, and there are established multiplayer Tetris communities, but as far as the creator of the game… Read More

  • Lego robot plays Tetris

    With a webcam, a digital signaling processing board, and some Lego Mindstorms pieces, Creator Branislov Kisacanin put together what he calls the Tetris-Bot. The way it works is the Texas Instruments DSP board analyzes the screen and then communicates with the NXT robot through LED lights. The Tetris-Bot will then push the buttons on the number bad, which it can do at up to three strokes a second. Read More

  • Console beeps and nerds play the Tetris theme

    I’m a big fan of people who do fun stuff with computers and so I am a big fan of this. These guys programmed 20 computers to play one note over and over. The resulting cacophony turns out to be a beep-boop version of the Tetris theme. Read More

  • Real-life skateboarder Tetris is simultaneous win and fail

    Here’s my question to you, Tetris re-enactors. Why would you go to all the trouble of making neon block-shaped hats, and skate down a hill to fit together into a big column, yet not use actual Tetris shapes?! Read More

  • Tetris Tiles Hit The States, Showers Forever Changed

    The anxiety ridden addiction that is Tetris, is now available… in your shower. A tile supplier based in the UK is currently producing ceramic, indoor/outdoor tiles that allows you to create your own Tetris mosaic or order a pre-designed mosaic. You can choose seven different colors, one for each of the Tetriminoes shapes. The colors are taken from Pantone colors and all orders come with… Read More

  • Compulsory Savings: Tetris and Breakout piggy banks

    Piggy banks are boring. Tetris is not boring! Ergo, someone should make a Tetris piggy bank. Ah, there we go. If you don’t mind some of the most ear-piercing, agitating game music in the history of sound, then you might enjoy either the Breakout! or Tetris piggy banks being sold from Japan for about $40. A penny’s all you need to get a game up and running. You’ll have fun… Read More

  • Tetris bracelet for the retro gamer hipsters

    It takes a special person to rock one the Tetris bracelet above. The bracelet is made with resin and painstakingly detailed with the Tetris blocks and the Game Over lettering. If you think you’re cool ‘nough to sport one of these, it’s available now¬†here. via technabob Read More

  • Free tetris clone Tris removed from App Store

    EA Games pushes out an iPhone port Tetris, and sells it for $9.99. An independent developer goes and makes his own Tetris clone (as has been done on just about every single electronic device ever created since the dawn of man) called Tris and offers it for the world for free. This is all going to go perfectly smooth, right? Of course not. Tris’ developer Noah Witherspoon has received… Read More

  • Even severe amnesiacs suffer from Tetris phantoms

    As both a gamer and a student of neuroscience, this fascinates me. This Science article is from way before the birth of CrunchGear, but you know us: any excuse to post, right? You may be familiar with the Tetris Effect: after playing Tetris (or Bejeweled, or Solitaire) for a while, you can’t get those pieces/gems/cards out of your head, and as you lay in bed they float in front of your… Read More

  • Tresling = Tetris + Arm Wrestling

    Tresling is the combination of one of the most beloved video games ever made, Tetris, and one of the fiercest sports around, arm wrestling. The idea is that you move your arm to move your piece and tap a button to rotate it, however, you do that while locking arms with an opponent. So, the loser not only sucks at Tetris, but he/she also is physically weak. Read More

  • Vinyl wall decals are a nightmare for those of us with Tetris-induced obsessive-compulsive disorder

    I’d like to think I’m pretty easygoing most of the time but when it comes to Tetris, something inside me goes haywire about trying to make sure all the blocks fit together perfectly. As such, I’m probably just a candidate for regular wall tiles because they’re arranged in what I’d consider to be the perfect Tetris conglomeration. However, if you can stand looking… Read More

  • Tetris – The Movie. Are you ready to BLOCK?

    Finally, the greatest game of all time comes to the silver screen. I’m so ready for this. The sad part is I’d probably watch this movie if it came out — it’s like Robot Jox with blocks. Robot Blox! Watch the trailer here.
    [via Kotaku] Read More

  • Hot concept: Tetris ice cubes/jell-o shots

    What is the one way you could improve Tetris? By making it alcoholic. Czech designer Martin Zampach’s concept product would let you make Tetrad-shaped ice cubes to drop in your G&T, or you could use the thing to make Tetradinal jell-o shots, perfect for your nerdy parties. I like the idea of them sliding down my gullet, forming lines in my tummy to be digested for drunkness points. Read More

  • Nixon watch has Tetris, Pong built in

    It’s part watch, part Tetris and *all entertainment*. It’s a Nixon-inspired watch with a built-in version of Tetris and Pong. (Funny, that’s the second Tetris post today… there must be some sort of conspiracy. Or maybe I’m just a tool. It could well be that.) It’s designed by this lass and I wish I had one right now. Tetris & Pong Forever [Yanko Design] Read More

  • Cal's marching band are a bunch of geeks

    Just watch and try not to smile. Read More

  • Tetris Street Fight

    What happens when two dudes dressed as Tetris pieces get drunk and try to fight each other? This. At least it’s in Tijuana where shit like this is the least of everyone’s worries. Tetris cosplayers in parking-lot brawl [BoingBoing] Read More

  • BioBlox: Adrenalin Fueled Tetris

    Ah Tetris, a favorite pastime from my irie eyed college days. I spent countless days skipping my morning classes to play Tetris with my roommates and be the top dog in the house. Sadly it never happened. All the adrenaline would get me flustered as the levels got faster and I’d just crash and burn. Eh, it happens. Tetris will always be a favorite of mine, so I’m on the fence about… Read More