• AT&T Shutting Down Unauthorized Tetherers

    An app called MyWi allows you to tether your iPhone or iPhone 2 without AT&T’s explicit permission, a situation that has led the carrier to send a stern letter to tetherers requiring that they stop tethering or automatically be added to a $20/month DataPro plan. Read More

  • Nikontrol 3K Tethers Your Camera To Your PC For Free

    Nikon publishes a program called Camera Control Pro, a software program intended to help the studio photographer by allowing them to tether their camera to a computer. The problem is, Camera Control Pro doesn’t support some of the latest cameras, and it has a $150 price tag. This inspired Nikontrol 3K, a free program that does basically the same thing, but for free. Read More

  • Sprint to officially block tethering

    Tethering has always been great for the consumers and bad for the companies – ostensibly because it overloads the bandwidth but really because most tethering has been done under the radar by hax0rs and it essentially circumvents the limitation of bandwidth providers put on there in the first place. Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone tether plan to be $55 per month, coming in September

    We all hope that eventually AT&T will get things together and out a tethering plan for the iPhone. But most of us are also nervous what AT&T is going to charge. We’ve heard everything from $40 to $60, but now one site is stating that AT&T told them directly all the details. We’re doubtful but wouldn’t be surprise if the cost ends up being close to what this site… Read More

  • AT&T says tethering won't cost $55

    Look at AT&T, using the new social network Facebook to break news. How cute! The news: rumors of a $55 tethering plan are false. AT&T didn’t reveal, or even hint at, the actual price, so we’re left to speculate for a little while longer. Read More

  • AT&T tethering to cost $55?

    Gruber found some information that the AT&T tethering plan would cost $55 a month and suggests – but cannot confirm – that this will be in addition to the unlimited data plan already in place, potentially hitting the $85 per month for data. I, like him, find this outrageous and can only pray that this number will be more like $55 total. On the aggregate, traffic on… Read More

  • T-Mobile G1 tethering not looking good, my friends

    Bad news, you guys. Looks like after Google pulled all tethering apps from the Android Market, it had a change of heart and re-published them all. Problem is, the new terms of the tethering apps stipulate that they’ll only work for “all Android Market users outside the T-Mobile US network.” Read More

  • Complete How-to: Tethering an iPhone with 3.0 firmware

    This took a little time, but we’ve figured out how to tether the iPhone using the instructions written by Erica Sadun. It takes about 20 minutes to get it done. You might need some basic knowledge of editing configuration files. Read More

  • Kindle 2 tethering: It's not what you think

    So it seems there are some debug commands inside the Kindle that can allow it to browse the web over USB networking which, in theory, could allow you an alternative way to buy books from the Kindle store. Note: This is not a way to tether the Kindle to your laptop and share its 3G network connection. Only God can do that. Actually, you’d probably have to change the firmware drastically… Read More

  • Easy walkthrough for Canucks looking to tether their iPhones

    It doesn’t get much more easy to relate to than this, folks. This endearing team, Mr. Chow and Mr. Lau, will show you a super easy way to tether your iPhone after jailbreaking it. Of course, most people who know to jailbreak their… Read More

  • Ten seconds to tether with iPhoneModem

    We already know how Apple feels about tethering, which is sometimes Apple-legal and sometimes not. However, for jailbroken phones you now have what is promised as a quick and easy way (10 second-easy, that is) to tether your laptop to your iPhone. On Saturday, Addition released iPhoneModem for iPhones using the Cydia package manager. Apple has been dragging their feet in responding to… Read More

  • NetShare gone from the App Store for good

    Throughout the month of August, Nullriver‘s NetShare application, which allowed iPhone users to utilize their handset’s 3G/EDGE connection as means of connecting their computers to the internet, was in a constantly wavering state of peril. After a brief (as in hours) stint on Apple’s App store, it was taken down. Days later it returned, albeit only for a brief while. After… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel price slashes tethering plans.. sort of.

    (Sort of) Good news, everyone! Sprint has decided to cut prices on their phone-as-modem tethering plans, taking it from $50 dollars per month down to $15. Of course, there’s a bit of a catch. With the change, tethering has become an add-on rather than a stand-alone option. First you’ve gotta rock a separate data plan, which will set you back somewhere between 30 to 70 bucks a… Read More

  • NetShare iPhone tethering app goes up, then down, then back up

    With many a smart phone, tethering (sharing your phone’s internet connection to another device, generally a computer) is a standard option. Not so on the iPhone 3G, which generally a requires good bit of hackery and finagling to tether. When NullRivers’ $10 iPhone tethering application NetShare hit the App Store on Thursday, the iPhone-bearing internet rejoiced. Finally, tethering… Read More

  • No tethering options for new iPhone

    iPhone Atlas is reporting that “AT&T will not be offering tethering capabilities for the iPhone 3G,” as in, you’d have to buy a separate device altogether to use as a 3G modem via Bluetooth or USB. I’ve no doubt that some enterprising individuals will figure out a way around this, but the point is that AT&T should at least offer the option, even if the company… Read More