Sprint Nextel price slashes tethering plans.. sort of.

(Sort of) Good news, everyone! Sprint has decided to cut prices on their phone-as-modem tethering plans, taking it from $50 dollars per month down to $15. Of course, there’s a bit of a catch.

With the change, tethering has become an add-on rather than a stand-alone option. First you’ve gotta rock a separate data plan, which will set you back somewhere between 30 to 70 bucks a month depending on which plan you need. So when all is said and none, it’s not so much a price cut as it is an adjustment of the bottom line; what once cost $50 now costs $45-$85 dollars. Of course, many people are already paying for these separate data plans anyways, which oughtta make the $35 dollar discount welcome.

What say you, tetherers of the internets? I’ve always relied on unofficial means for my tethering needs, so I can’t really weigh in — does this little switch-up work in your favor?

[Current Analysis via RCRNews]