• Synacor Buys Technorati For Just $3M To Build Out Its Mobile And Ad Tech Business

    Synacor Buys Technorati For Just $3M To Build Out Its Mobile And Ad Tech Business

    Yet more consolidation underway in the ad tech business, and a resting place for what was once a leading authority for ranking important blogs and other sites online: Synacor, a company that provides monetization services for ISPs, carriers and others that offer content services, has acquired Technorati. Alongside the official confirmation, Synacor also posted an 8-K form with the price… Read More

  • New Technorati Report Says Most Marketers Expect Social Ad Spending To Go Up 40 Percent This Year

    New Technorati Report Says Most Marketers Expect Social Ad Spending To Go Up 40 Percent This Year

    Technorati has released a new Digital Influence Report, and the big theme (probably not surprising coming from a blog and social media ad network) is that most online marketing dollars aren’t being directed to the “blogs and influencers” where they could have the greatest effect. At the same, social ad spending is expected to increase significantly this year. The company… Read More

  • Former Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra Heads To MapMyFitness

    One thing former Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra has besides one of the funnest last names ever to say out loud: a new job. He’s moving to from Silicon Valley to Austin and taking the CEO role at MapMyFitness, a four year old startup. MapMyFitness Founding CEO Robin Thurston will remain on the company’s board of directors and will lead the company’s product and… Read More

  • 2010 State Of The Blogosphere: Facebook And Twitter Drive The Most Traffic (Slides)

    2010 State Of The Blogosphere: Facebook And Twitter Drive The Most Traffic (Slides)

    Earlier today, Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra gave his annual State of The Blogosphere presentation at the ad:tech conference. Technorati will be blogging about the findings over the next few days, which is based on a survey of 7,200 bloggers. But we have the full slide presentation after the jump. Some key takeaways: Read More

  • 2009 State Of The Blogosphere: The Full Video From BlogWorld

    Technorati released the first installment of its 2009 State of the Blogosphere report today – the rest will follow over the course of this week. Last week CEO Richard Jalichandra showed highlights from the report at BlogWorld in Las Vegas. We posted the full powerpoint presentation from that talk. And now we have the 47 minute video of his presentation as well. The video is below, along… Read More

  • 2009 State Of The Blogosphere: The Full BlogWorld Presentation

    Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra, fresh off a new funding and site relaunch, is showing some of the highlights from their annual State of the Blogosphere report today at BlogWorld in Las Vegas. We’ll have a video of his full video presentation shortly. In the meantime, we’re embedding the power point presentation below. Key points Jalichandra brought up – What’s the no. Read More

  • The New Technorati

    Technorati relaunched its site tonight, changing and adding key features. Most notable is an expanded and fresher top 100 blogs list, and a new feature that lets authors post their content directly to the site. In 2007 Technorati redesigned the look and functionality of its home page three times. Here’s the first. And the second. The last change, made under the direction of incoming… Read More

  • Technorati Raises Another $2 Million In Venture Capital

    Blog search engine (and more recently blog/social network advertising network) Technorati has raised a new round of financing – $2 million from existing investors, including Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Mobius Venture Capital. This is, the company says, an extension of their Series D round from June 2008, where they raised $7.5 million at a roughly $35 million valuation. The company has… Read More

  • Twittorati Will Show You How Awesomely Fascinating Bloggers' Lives Are (Or Not)

    As we reported earlier today, media search engine Technorati has succumbed to the Twitter infatuation and is launching Twittorati, a site that shows what Technorati’s top 100 bloggers are tweeting about. Our earlier story indicates that the site is launching tomorrow but perhaps our post sped things up. We had a chance to demo the site with Technorati’s CEO Richard Jalichandra. Read More

  • Technorati To Unveil Twittorati Tomorrow

    Twitter! Everyone wants a piece of it. Tomorrow, we’ve heard, blog search engine and ad network Technorati will unveil a new site called Twittorati: “where the blogosphere meets the Twittersphere.” The site, which we haven’t seen yet, will show what top bloggers are tweeting about, and compare topics to blogosphere trends. The site will also, according to a press… Read More

  • Live Web, Real Time . . . Call It What You Will, It's Gonna Take A While To Get It

    This guest post is written by Mary Hodder, the founder Dabble. Prior to Dabble, Hodder consulted for a number of startups, did research at Technorati and wrote her masters thesis at Berkeley focusing on live web search looking at blog data. Real time search is nothing new. It is a problem we’ve been working on for at least ten years, and we likely will still be trying to solve it ten… Read More

  • Swine Flu Spreads Panic Over The Web

    Earlier today, the U.S. declared a public health emergency over the Swine Flu, after confirming 20 cases of the flu spreading to humans in New York, Ohio, Kansas, Texas and California. More than 80 people have died in Mexico from the disease, which has potentially spread to other countries, including Canada and France. Although Federal officials are urging Americans not to panic about the… Read More

  • Technorati Lays Off Another 10 Percent Of Employees

    Blog search engine Technorati has laid off close to 10 percent of its staff, or 4 employees in its PR, engineering and general admin areas. The company’s CEO, Richard Jalichandra confirmed the layoffs. He says they were necessary for the company to continue on the path towards profitability. The reduction will leave the company with 37 employees. Technorati suffered an earlier round… Read More

  • The 50 Media Sites Bloggers Link To The Most

    Media search engine Technorati is about to release The Technorati Attention Index, which measures the mainstream media websites with the highest number of blogs linking to them in the past 30 days. Right now it has a blog post with the inaugural list. YouTube takes the top spot with the New York Times, BBC News,, and MSN rounding out the top five. Compared to the top non-blog sources… Read More

  • Stake Your Claim? Technorati Opens Goldrush-Inspired Tag Directory

    Technorati has just launched a new directory of ‘tag’ pages, offering brief overviews of a variety of tech-related topics. Tag pages range from broad subjects like ‘internet’ to individual companies, with each page offering links to relevant articles, blog posts, user-written summaries, and related topics on Technorati (in some ways the pages are reminiscent of… Read More

  • Pew Pulling at Straws to Measure the Blogosphere

    Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism unveiled a new index yesterday that traces blogs and social networking sites. To be honest, it doesn’t say a whole lot that we don’t already know. The New Media Index’s first report states “From the preparations to the swearing-in to the music, President Barack Obama’s inauguration was by far and… Read More

  • Twingly Debuts BlogRank, Guess Who Leads The Top 100

    Twingly, the social blog search engine that prides itself in being completely spam-free, has launched BlogRank as a way to identify the 100 most important blogs in 12 different languages based on a proprietary ranking system. It’s very similar to what Technorati has been trying to achieve with their authority ranking, i.e. creating a Google PageRank for blogs. The biggest difference is… Read More

  • Technorati Acquires AdEngage Advertising Network

    San Francisco based Technorati has acquired AdEngage, a twelve person advertising network based in Los Angeles, in an all stock transaction. The AdEngage platform will remain a free standing, branded service, and Technorati will also launch a version of the platform under its new Technorati Media brand. The size of the transaction is not being disclosed. This follows Technorati’s… Read More

  • State of The Blogosphere: The More You Post, The Higher You Rank

    All week, Technorati is releasing data from its 2008 State of the Blogosphere report. On Monday, Technorati told us that bloggers only need 100,000 visitors a month to make $75,000 a year (yeah, right). Today, it offers up something more believable: the more you post, the higher you are likely to rank on Technorati. Blogging is a volume game. The more you post, the more chances there are… Read More

  • State Of The Blogosphere: Get To 100K Uniques, Make $75K/year

    Technorati, the blog search engine, put out Part I of its sporadic (now-annual?) State of the Blogosphere report. This year, it conducted a random survey of 1,079 random bloggers (a statistically significant sample) to paint a more detailed picture of just who exactly is out there blogging. Technorati has indexed a total of 133 million blogs since 2002. In terms of how many are active… Read More

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