Technorati Acquires BlogCritics, Gets Into Content Game

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Technorati Launches Blog Ad Network, Technorati Media

Blog-focused advertising networks are all the rage right now, with both Federated Media and Glam pulling down big valuation financing rounds in the last few months based on very early growth metrics.

Technorati Confirms New Financing; New Business Focus Coming

Blog search engine Technorati, which was simultaneously pitching a sale through Montgomery & Co. as well as a new venture round, raised $7.5 million in a fourth round of financing according to a r

Technorati Founder Dave Sifry Takes On Travel Guide Industry

Technorati founder Dave Sifry, who left the company a little over a year ago, is launching a new company called Offbeat Guides this morning into private beta. Sifry’s blog post on the launch is

Secret Merger Talks Between Technorati And b5media Blow Up

Blog search engine Technorati was days away from merging with blog network b5media when the whole deal blew up earlier this week, according to a source familiar with the negotiations. Technorati has b

Blogger & Podcaster Magazine To Launch Blog Advertising Network, Provide Health Care To Solo Bloggers

Trade magazine Blogger & Podcaster Magazine is expanding into advertising with their own blog advertising network. The Blogger & Podcaster Network (BPN) will target “the B,C,D & E li

Federated Media Weighing Its Options

CNET is reporting that tech-focused advertising network Federated Media (which sells advertising on our behalf) is looking for a new round of financing. CNET is basing this partially on our previous r

Technorati To Launch Blogger Advertising Network

Through a variety of sources we’ve confirmed that Technorati is making plans for a major shift in its going forward strategy, and is also considering a number of corporate development transactio

Sifry Launches "Web Hot Or Not?"

Former Technorati CEO David Sifry has launched Web Hot or Not?, a Hot or Not site for websites. Sifry left Technorati in August 2007. For the one person reading this who doesn’t know how Hot or

Sweden's Twingly To Launch Europe-Focused Blog Search Engine

At first glance, blog search as a category is oversaturated. Ok, at second glance, too. Not only did Google enter the market directly in late 2005, they’ve also increased the rate that they inde

Technorati Makes Changes To Blog Rankings. Big Hit For No. 1 Engadget

Technorati made changes this week to the way it counts inbound links for purposes of determining its blog rankings. This had some effect on the Technorati 100 list. Technorati was previously counting

2008: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

This will be the third annual post on “Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without.” The first post, for 2006, is here. The 2007 post, written a year ago, is here. This is a list of th

Exclusive: Technorati Relaunches To Focus On Core Blogging Audience

Technorati has a brand new CEO, and he’s been busy in his short time with the company. Today Technorati is relaunching, with a new core focus on bloggers. Last week I saw a demo of the new produ

Technorati Drops Content Older Than 6 Months Old

When Technorati announced a new CEO at the beginning of October, many were hoping that the once great Technorati would focus on its core blog search product, a product that had been virtually ignored

Technorati CEO: Techmeme is "a great little site."

I was hoping that the changing of the guard at Technorati would mean that the company would learn to become somewhat humble. Early signs say that isn’t the case. In a Wired interview, incoming C

New Technorati CEO Has A Challenge Ahead

Technorati today announced its search for a new CEO was over, with Richard Jalichandra being appointed to the role, some 6 weeks since Technorati’s founding CEO David Sifry stepped down and 5 mo

Techmeme Leaderboard To Launch, Attacking Technorati's Last Stronghold

Update: The leaderboard has launched. See it here. Blog search engine Technorati’s founding CEO is gone, its traffic party has ended and its core search functionality is under long term fire fro

Technorati Launches Streaming Updates Service

Technorati has announced the launch of Technorati Topics, a live river of news stream that delivers a moving list of blog posts. It replaces the just relaunched Technorati home page. Technorati’

Technorati Loses A "Great Leader." PodTech Also Loses CEO

We’ve all known that blog search engine Technorati and videocasting site PodTech weren’t doing particularly well: that both companies were conducting CEO searches. But today the bloodletti

Technorati: When Will The Traffic Party End?

Recent Comscore stats show Technorati continuing to surge in traffic, more than tripling since a year ago. Founder and CEO Dave Sifry recently mentioned about this staggering growth in a blog post. Te
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