Technorati To Unveil Twittorati Tomorrow

Twitter! Everyone wants a piece of it. Tomorrow, we’ve heard, blog search engine and ad network Technorati will unveil a new site called Twittorati: “where the blogosphere meets the Twittersphere.”

The site, which we haven’t seen yet, will show what top bloggers are tweeting about, and compare topics to blogosphere trends. The site will also, according to a press release we’ve seen, allow visitors to filter tweets by topic, see the most tweeted blog posts, and compare leading blogosphere and Twitter trends. It sounds like it may be somewhat similar to Federated Media’s Exec Tweets.

Technorati Top 100 bloggers will be featured at launch, and it will expand to include more authors over time. The site was produced in partnership with Sawhorse Media, publisher of and VentureMaven. Infinity is sponsoring Twittorati.

More details when we actually see the site.

Update: Here it is.