SXSW Interactive

  • Robot Boxing TechCrunch Vs. VentureBeat

    This Is What Happens When Two Tech Writers Climb Into Robots And Fight

    Contrary to what you may have heard, South by Southwest Interactive isn’t just about high-minded panels and keynotes filled with big ideas. No, sometimes startups do fun, goofy promotions like asking people to battle each other from inside the Bionic Bopper Cars offered by Hammacher Schlemmer. And that is indeed what Distil Networks did over the weekend, challenging attendees to… Read More

  • SXSW 2013: Dennis Crowley Co-Founder Foursquare

    Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley On Whether Hot Apps Can Still Be Born At SXSW [TCTV]

    Much like Twitter got a lot of its early traction at South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) in Austin back in 2007, Foursquare famously started off with a bang when it launched at SXSWi in 2009. So it was great to take some time with Foursquare’s founder and CEO Dennis Crowley in Austin at this year’s SXSWi to talk about the past, present, and future of launching apps at the… Read More

  • First Day of Silicon Valley Startup Bus 2012

    StartupBus’ Hackathon-On-Wheels Hits the Road to SXSW [TCTV]

    StartupBus, a multi-city Wi-Fi-enabled roadtrip to the South by Southwest Interactive conference with the goal of developing and launching a startup by the time the travelers arrive in Austin, fired up the engines on its biggest year ever this week.TechCrunch TV’s John Murillo is along for the ride all the way from San Francisco to Austin, and he put together an awesome video wrap-up of… Read More

  • The Search for Meaning (at SXSWi 2010)

    While standing in line for an hour to get my badge and materials at this year’s SXSW Interactive Conference, I had time to ponder my first trip to Austin for the event. Initially, my plans for attending centered around hunting down and harassing SEO spammers but a little extra time to reflect reminded me of the insensitivity and meaninglessness of such actions. Besides, that time could… Read More