• Swiss Watch Makers Announce An Activity Tracking System Designed To Hide Inside Fancy Watches

    Swiss Watch Makers Announce An Activity Tracking System Designed To Hide Inside Fancy Watches

    If you’ve been wondering how Switzerland was going to react to the coming of the Apple Watch, ponder no more: two smaller luxury watch companies, Alpina and Frederique Constant, have added electronic components to otherwise staid analog watches, essentially turning a fancy timepiece into a sort of mechanical Fitbit. The platform, called Manufacture Modules Technologies or MMT, is… Read More

  • RapidShare Shuts Down

    RapidShare Shuts Down

    RapidShare, one of the first file hosting services on the Internet, is shutting down next month. After March 31st, all of its user accounts and data will be deleted. Read More

  • Correction: Switzerland Now Has An Incredible Competitor

    Correction: Switzerland Now Has An Incredible Competitor

    So here we are, in the hours after the official launch of the Apple Watch, and we need to address just what the watch means for Switzerland. When I first saw the watch I literally thought that Jony Ive was right in regards to how – ahem – ruined the Swiss watch industry was. However, as I thought about what the Apple Watch was (and wasn’t) I’ve come to a more… Read More

  • Congress Names 4 Countries To Anti-Piracy Watchlist

    Congress Names 4 Countries To Anti-Piracy Watchlist

    A Congressional caucus identified four nations that are failing to address high rates of digital piracy. As first reported by The Hill, the anti-piracy watchlist released by the International Creativity and Theft-Prevention Caucus — formerly the Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus — Tuesday zeroes in on China, Russia, India and Switzerland. Read More

  • Kooaba's Reality Augmented With $3 Million Funding

    A Swiss startup offering mobile visual search and augmented reality technology, kooaba, landed 3 million in Swiss franks (or about $3 million) venture funding from undisclosed Swiss investors the company’s co-founder and chief executive Herbert Bay reported this morning. Kooaba was spun out of the Computer Vision Lab at a top science and technology university in Switzerland, ETH… Read More

  • Switzerland approaches complete ban on violent video games

    That’s funny, not one hour ago I mentioned that Australia had embraced the idea that adults have the capacity to make decisions vis-à-vis buying violent video games. Good ol’ Switzerland, though, the darling of Europe, has passed a law essentially outlawing violent video games. I’d feign, well, not anger, but something, but it’s Switzerland: how can you get mad at… Read More

  • Rocketman jumps from plane with jet-pack wings

    There are only a few things more exciting than being a technology blogger, like jumping out of an airplane at 7,500 feet above the Swiss Alps strapped into rocket-powered jet wings. That’s what Yves Rossy of Switzerland just did. Read More

  • SwissCom confirms iPhone is coming

    SwissCom, who you’ll remember offered some potential pricing for the 3G iPhone, confirmed it is getting said iPhone “later this year.” Their exact words: Later this year, the iPhone available. We will inform you personally as soon as news. I’ve worked with SwissCom in the past and those boys wouldn’t inform you you were on fire unless they had a sworn… Read More

  • Swisscom: 32GB 3G iPhone will come in silver, black, or white

    Swisscom inadvertantly posted prices for 3G iphones including a 16GB model for 659 Swiss francs ($637) and a $772 32GB model in silver, black, or white. There is also some information about the Swiss tariffs, but those are not for us to understand or care about. Interestingly enough, I’ll be in Europe this summer so maybe I’ll go and get me a Swiss iPhone. Read More

  • Swiss pool being warmed by nearby IBM datacenter PCs

    What better place to channel that extra heat than a sweet pool? These smart guys near Zurich have got the excess heat from all the servers and clusters and storage at a nearby IBM datacenter being piped right into their pool. Well, it’s little more complicated than that, but not too much more, and the effect is that instead of the hot air being just let out into the atmosphere… Read More