Sway is another interactive relaxation app from ustwo

Digital design studio ustwo -- best known for its mobile gaming chops -- is doubling down on a move into mindfulness and well-being apps in recent years, with the launch of a second "interactive medit

Microsoft Sway Exits Preview, With New Windows 10 App In Tow

Microsoft announced this morning the general availability of its "digital storytelling" app called Sway, the latest addition to the Microsoft Office suite. The app, which was first introduced 10 month

Microsoft’s New Office App, Sway, Is Now Open To Everyone

Microsoft's Sway, an online tool for creating presentation documents, is now generally available to the public. Previously, a waiting list was in place. That Sway has taken down its rope line isn't

Microsoft Sees An Intelligent, Mobile-Focused Future Of Productivity

At a recent event on its Redmond campus, Microsoft executives explained┬átheir views on the future of productivity to a small press cadre. The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, opened the day’

Cornerworld Acquires Sway For $30 Million

Cornerworld has acquired social media marketing company Sway Inc for $30 million. The OTC listed Cornerworld is a relatively unknown social service provider that “combines social networking, con